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Humans at Play

This is the site of "Human Fun" at Kaimana Beach Park near Waikiki Beach.

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Made In Hawaii Festival

Here is a great message from the Made In Hawaii Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii. Find this fashion boutique on the web at Enjoy!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Made In Hawaii Festival

This photo shows the Aloha of Na Mea Hawaii, the best of Hawaiian native books in Hawaii. Find Na Mea Hawaii at the Ewa end of Ward Warehouse. On the web at Enjoy!

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Chocolate Breakfast

Bacon Bon Bon

No staunch snack turns your back
A little stretch flavor-wise
Dark chocolate roasters inside toasters
Sweet and salty on the rise

Posh on a stick popsicle quick
Finally have we found the flavor of pain?
Make the snack scene color in green
Is there something to gain?

Quizzical looks not by the books
Candy coated breakfast meal
Serve on a stick keeps it from sticky
Crispy is key keeps it from icky

Better the batter high end from low
Playful chef tastes whimsy glow
Sweet and salty order of the day
Dark chocolate bacon breakfast tray

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This flower has orange and red for excitement and brown and green for relaxation. Enjoy!

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Aloha Oe

Aloha OeTechnorati Profile

Ocean Occasion

               This photo is a scene that can tell a story. One way writers develop a scene is through essential dialog, or what characters say to each other. Let's write with dialog in mind today.

Genre: Lifestyle Poetry

               The Chocolatier

"Bean to bar," is what you say
Cacao to chocolate in your own way
Sweet techno-teeth are here to stay
Bean to bar you are the chocolatier today

Properly ferment then split open the bean
"Couvecture," you say is all it seems
Bon bon and truffle are your affliction
Roller mill ball mill your convection

Mahogany winnower vintage machine
Roasting time stone grind press your bean
Connoisser candy's your envelope push
Great chocolate is now all the world's rush

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Yellow Rose of Waikiki

               This photo has no caption, yet viewers know enough symbols from their own experience to give this photo meaning. Great writers also use symbols to stimulate reader imagination. Let's ponder the idea of symbols as we write today.      Enjoy!

Genre: Jazz Pop

                      Camera Daze

One fell swoop grandiose swoon
See you back here by noon bring your balloon
You are so right about that point to a degree
Fight it out show your pedigree

Lower your fears go on a jilting
As hover gears do a little tilting
Like a first love with a slow glow
Cameras are ready get in the show

No fading go trading no kidding
Hedge with it if conditions permit
Where's my caveat are we there yet?
Looks like a good one neck and neck

Affection collection deeply conditional
Political phenom bring on collateral venom
Animation contamination or elimination
Drama steady and so camera ready

The usual candy counter candor
Taunt your detractors font for impactors
Tasty and queezy if you please
Love your maverick ways and camera daze

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