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Pink Hotel Waikiki

The pink hotel is newly renovated. Enjoy!

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Palm Trees Waikiki

These palms are near Waikiki. Enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cool Architecture

Aloha Poets,
The palm trees have a setting of pattern in the background. The setting gives a stronger "cool" feel to the palms. Lets write with setting in mind today. Enjoy!

Friendly Frenzy

Starlet dater main gater got to groove
Fresh start so smart will behoove
You to go so slow to shine a light
Tahitian bronze sultry song coif the night

Liquidity no quit in me for you to be
Of all my friends you're my only frenzy
Its me you bake in the cake of victory
Up to my neck ripple effect true story

Feed it through all the way to meaning
Amplify the answer twice see the dice leaning
Take a chance on a stance voice your heart
Articulate another cake now make your mark

Bringing friends with hearts to lend so friendly
Touching matters logic spatters on what we see
Lakes of wine from shy to shine then go free
Of all my friends with only you I find my frenzy

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Lose Our Edge Together

Photo shot in the heart of Waikiki. The idea of using a zoom lens to capture detail is macro photography. Let's write with maco photography in mind. Enjoy!

Lose Our Edge Together

Out there on the other side of town
Unavoidable savage truths go down
Dazzle the magic smoke the word
Behavior jungle lose the sword

Chipmunk stew fire in a cave
Noble resistance sparks brigade
Griddles snap as brittles pop
Why don't we just stop and talk

Find the upside go out of our heads
Chase a heart lose some edge
There's a little home above our eyes
The primetime village of no disguise

Thrusting forth commando laden
Tropical river birth haven
Bestow the beast ignore the weather
Snooze to lose the edge together

Happy shouts assess the plan
Cheer a leader to be the man
Stand up come over be so clever
Or whatever
Let's lose some edge together