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Write the Photo

Aloha Photographers,
Great photos use light and color to paint the idea. Soft light and color give this photo a relaxed inspiration. Enjoy and play on!

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Song Photography

Aloha Writers,
Photos allow the capture of special qualities in the depth of field. Let's show posture and expression as we write today. Enjoy and play on!

Earmark Me For That

Be as it may the hub-bub of the day
Organize disguise and have your say
Expertise a release surely to please
Fight my crime with one thin dime

What they say this policy way
That talk is all foreign to me
Fight the dragon in a soothsayer's wagon
Earmark that for me if you please

If you will come out into the frill
Put those dukes up be a fighting duck
Beyond this chore there's a distant shore
Is legislation's creation in all elation

Hand down a decision with such precision
Put all hands on deck what the heck
Tell me now what they say and when
Chew the fat now earmark me for that

Song Play

Song Photography

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There is a lot of heart in this art! Enjoy and play on!

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Now there's a festive culture! Ice cream Aloha...sweet! Enjoy and play on!

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Beach Team

Aloha Writers,
You've heard of the dream team, here's the beach team. Fun is a big part of the spirit of ecoplay. The photo gives writers an idea for poetry and poems. Let's write about green and blue today. Enjoy and play on!

Sunny Grows Where Shady Fades

Too much love could knock you dead
If love of life is a knock in the head
Like wandering in a shady grove
Wondering who will say hello

If a spark of love in shady grows
Wander over and say hello
Never mind fear inside
We never meant to let it ride

Can it be just a fling
Can we figure out this thing
Smiles approach a heart invades
Sunny grows where shady fades

Fast will wait for a later date
Even love comes with a little hate
We can breathe or suffocate
Sunny grows where shady fades

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Writers Ocean

Aloha Writers,
This ocean scene has a poetic color. The purple can inspire any topic. Let's write thinking purple thoughts. Enjoy and play on!

Eggplant Out of Wedlock

Deploy and tell your story draw on your history
Journalists and Mayors travel the road of the free
Keep the faith pump it up put that wind in your sails
Show up and scream sharpen the theme eat ice cream

Eggplant out of wedlock a growing interest for sure
Feel the pulse as countries convulse beyond the cure
Settle on a fee you'll see how it all can be
Eggplant out of wedlock won't you please settle on me

Politicking around spates of rumors hates of crooners
Sounds of alarm to the growing interest on your farm
Carefully consult behaviorally impulse so fine with it
Favor the next door neighbor no there's no sign of it