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Soft Sojourn

                      This photo can symbolize a journey from darkness to the light. Writers also can infer or imply meaning using symbols. Let's write thinking about symbols today.      Enjoy!

Genre: Jazz

               You Were Awfully Good

On the face of it I never forget a name
Just leave a trace of it I'll get in the game
To name a few I have paid some dues a time or two
Only you... You were awfully good

I should have run away long ago like everybody else did
Who am I kidding long years of sitting in that lonely woodshed
A life lived in good spirits gives no demerits
Just horses and carrots but were awfully good

Inspired by the cold and the dark
I take my little walk, in magical fashion
Sooner or later passion does as compassion should
And were awfully good

In the safety of a cluttered mind
An artist draws what he sees what he finds
Museums of the world all await
To say hey you we'll take two that's great!

Never properly introduced
No problem we gently reproduce
If the media raises the heat, see if it could 
Because were awfully good

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wisdom Fire

                 The color in these palm trees appear dull  because they are surrounded by the brighter colors of blue and white. This simple photo allows the viewer to use imagination and past experiences to add to its meaning. Writers also simplify important points to allow the reader to imagine. This is inference. Let's write today using inference.       Enjoy!

Genre:  eSweetHeart Poetry   

                    Legend Eyes

So silent you suffer the whispers
So cool you are under fire
Pursued by matters of mystery
You are the one they desire

Off the course and outside the ropes
Longing for a longer wider look
Where outcomes of dreams are hurried by hopes
You gave your reasons all the chances you took

You rally from defeat stay in contention
With a heart that knows no lies
Land with your life in the honor of mention
You and your legend eyes

All live forever in their flight of fancy
Weavers of magic with a heart of blue skies
Starting out friendly then up goes the ante
Nuancing you and your legend eyes

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Delicate Dancers

                   This photo allows to flowers to come forward as bigger than the rest. Writers also bring story points forward by the use of exaggeration. Let's write using exaggeration today.

Genre: Blues Rock

            Blindsided By Your Visual

Error proneness well I guess that's me now
No more aloneness, worked that out somehow
With actions so prolonged and somewhat intense
I'll stay with you this day forever hence

You echo the sentiment you whisper in my ear
A competitor's impediment is what I like to hear
Some actions may kill and dash a lofty plan
I'll stay blindsided by your visual I'll be your man

Respect each other and speak of courtesy
A Whitman's sampler of restraint that's you and me
With a heartfelt renewable mandate so individual
I stay blindsided by your visual

The perfect skill set is now what we heed
As we seek and treasure our own privacy
With a natural reserve so residual
I'll  stay blindsided by your visual


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aloha Oe

                 This photo shows brightness as a tone . A tone toward darkness is shade; tones toward brightness is tint. Writers add tone as well, except a writer's tone is more a feeling of emotion. Let's write with tone today.          Enjoy!

Genre: Country Ballad

           Heart of the Subject at Hand

Who'll be the next come one come all
Step up to the issue be a legend of the fall
Tell me again that thing you covet the most
Don't be shy be that guy propose your toast

Don't take it sitting down on the ground
Unflattering glare of that swivel chair
Imagine you know all and all you command
You be the man that's the heart of the subject at hand

What's that you say as feelings start to fade
And controversies or two won't fade from view
They take it sitting down but you know where you stand
Just be the man that's the heart of the subject at hand

It's easy to do to sometimes think only of you
But stick to your plan at least for a while or two
Sleep on it now then make your stand
Just be the man that's the heart of the subject at hand

Monday, June 16, 2008

Smokey Road

                 This photo was shot in the morning light in Waikiki. Can you imagine the shadows as smoke? The contrast in light allows us to do this. Writers also use contrast to stimulate the imagination of their readers. Let's write using contrast today.               Enjoy!

Genre:  Jazz Pop

                      Destination Desolation

The time is near for us to face this thorny question
By any other name can a rose still be a a rose?
This may be the time to raise a new suggestion
Put your hand in mine,  see if love shows

Could we have a little walk, take a little time to talk
Feel the rhymes of these fast changing times
Plan a destination , or are we already there
In the lonely world of explanation

Destination desolation ...  it has its own ring
Destination desolation ...  is that the song we sing?
What are the chances there will be no more dances
Give me a clue... enhance our enchantment

Some people will say they still like the math
Others say we're "gonna take a bath..."
Tell me it's not true, that's not what's in store 
With what life we have, we can still fight for no more 
Destination desolation


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Aloha!  Welcome to the:

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Whisper Whiskers

Friday, June 13, 2008

Unicorn Found

Honolulu Advertiser (Greg's Pix)


Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Red White and Blue ... and Green

                Here is a little taste of sunshine for you! This morning-light photo can evoke an emotion. Writers also evoke emotions in their written text. Let's write with emotion today!

Genre: eWorld Poetry 

                        Cliff Puppy

I saw the news today Oh boy
About a little pup who had gone astray
And found the open arms of humankind
A happy day for a puppy, once upon a time

I was throwing a party and watching TV too
When "throwing a puppy..." came into view
Was that off a cliff and into a ravine?
Hey, that's no U.S. Marine

"Nonjudicial" "unspecified," is now the latest word
But can that little pup be continually heard?
While duty, honor, and compassion make us all proud
There's a little faint yelping still echoing loud   

Since those looks and lewd act have come into view
It's my turn now to personally eschew
Have we lost our sense, once held so dear?
"Duty Honor Compassion," cliff puppy stand sentry there

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet Heart

Genre :  eSweetHeart Poetry

 Fiery Touch

Another crazy feeling seals it's hazy fate
An intimate walk of your interpretive gait
Allows us to peer perilously close
As your soft arrogance silently boasts

Your beauty is no glib rendition
While those eyes surrender without condition
Their signature is the love you make
Without redundancy or double take

So sweet now as if in bigger times
So soft here in the heart of our lovely rhymes
Then so swift your eyes quietly shut
You send me with your fiery touch

Love can take hands cold and blue
 To make a stand for me and you
And as the fires in our time will burn 
Let's vow together a generational turn 

And such a touch with all it's love
Lets the fire and ice push and shove
So new so restless so bold
It's our turn to come in from the cold

Only a small gesture through all of time
Now only to say this is yours and mine
Each morning to dusk it's Mr and Mrs Us
And your long ago eyes with their fiery touch

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Feather Vane

                  Here is a "morning light" photo showing vivid color. The detail of color is emotional here, but writers beware: Too much detail in fiction can become dull and boring. Overuse of detail is cliche. Let's avoid cliche today as we write.             Enjoy!

Genre: Nouveau Hawaiian

                 Ice Cream Aloha

Geek me here on this little beach
With thoughts of going beyond the reef
I select a few tunes strike up my bands
What else to do here on these white sands?

Don't need the bad press I'm warm here and cuddly
Not like the rest they act so fuddy-duddily
I compose and I send to my little friend
What I do next helps me contend
Ice cream aloha

I stay on this beach warm strong and demure
Through the weekend I casually endure
And where do I go where I feel secure?
Ice cream aloha

Escape be the artist relax from the poses
As eyes ingest the world's candy and roses
I wait here on the beach for all that it brings
Tides try to restore the natural order of things

And what's in store for beach architecture?
The geek in me says nothing's for sure
I know where to go to get my little cure
Ice cream aloha

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Silky Silhouette

                     This is a morning photo shot in the shade in Waikiki. Low light is some of the best light to shoot and can create visual harmony within a scene. Like photographers, writers can also add extra dimension to their characters with a momentary contradiction. Ironically, as in photography, this is also called shading.

Let's write considering the idea of shading today.                                                             

Genre:  Southern Boogie

                      Stealin' the Show

Did you see it on the news now it's gone full blown
That little bit of interest got a life of its own
Now everybody's watching everybody's going to know
That little Conflict of Interest keeps stealing the show

That's something they'll cheer it won't go soon
Surely they hope they'll watch it balloon
Right here where all the world can see
Conflict of Interest on prime time TV 

It's a hard cold push to an ethical setting
Think of all the profits that little show is netting
This wonderful parade now takes the cake
It's way too late to try to put on the brake

Bound to get really out of hand
Always somebody new striking up the band
Where this is headed, tell me if you know
A little conflict of interest keeps stealing the show

Genre: eSweetheart Poetry

 Fiery Touch

Tenderly veering so perilously close
With the beauty and no glib rendition
Their fiery touch I love the most
There in your eyes that little condition

The love they make is so feather light
A truth they take ascends the night
Adventures candor with  little cries
That fiery touch in those eyes

Campfires burn with sensations and such
Then you turn with your eyes' fiery touch
Such a soothing statement in a world of blue
Fiery eyes whispering  I love you

Love cries soft footings takes hold
With a restlessness, beautiful and bold
Then the hearth of a home fire burns
Honey and butter for all the world churns

When we make our generational turn
In hope a sensually sensible sojourn
I will love and have loved you so much
And those eyes with their fiery touch

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Electric Tree

                This morning's photo was shot within viewing distance of Waikiki Beach. It shows palm trees a little "shadowy."  This photo also foretells something yet to come. This phenomena is forshadowing.
                Writers use forshadowing to create suspense. Let's write with that in mind today.   Enjoy!

btw:   Thanks babe in the wilderness for nice comments! 
           You inspire me too!

Genre: Alternative Rock

    Let's Play 

Shake it don't fake it
Together let's leap-of-faith it  
Jump at this..opportunity
Common sense and community 

The hour is upon us  
To spread this stuff on us
That running for office got a little runny
And that's not so funny

What's your pleasure
Where's your desire
Let's play with some real fire

So sunny on the inside
Like a bunny on the outside
Look up there now down
Tell me now your favorite clown

That talk about survival 
And some kind of revival
Get down to it start shrinking some ire
Let's play with some real fire

Genre:  Country Rock Bluegrass

                  Wish I Knew  

The love you do surely rings true
Every time you smile it's thoroughly you
So nice and easy is your approach 
Ever twice so pleased I propose a toast                                                           

Wait one minute you say wait just now
You got to turn around cold turkey hankering crowd
They need a happy song in so many ways
One where nobody leaves and everybody stays

I wish I knew that old song Rocky Top 
Calling from a wilderness mountain so clear 
High up above mainstream Poppy Cock
Rocky would take us away from here  

Somebody somewhere yearns so fine
They're missing that kissing like yours and mine
I'd shape their escape from the sad and blue
If good old Rocky Top I only knew you.

So kind your heart with gifts you come
Magical happens when it's you they hum 
I know you're wild and not so tame
And resemble a bear with gentle game

Monday, June 2, 2008

Likable Recyclable

                   This little gem was found at the bottom of the boat harbor near Waikiki . .... the same fictional boat harbor Gilligan left on his "three hour tour" before we all became stranded at Gilligan's Island. This information is an example of backstory.

                   Writers don't have to be famous to come up with little phrase gems they like. They can do that in their reading activities. Great writers record their personal favorite "little gems" as  journal entries. They may discover their style in this way. Let's think about that as we write today.           Enjoy!

Genre: Jazz                                         

It.s a Rhythm Thing  

So brutal your honesty, honestly ruthless beautiful you 
Some say you must lighten it up for you know who
So cool you, your rhetoric too, bright like a brick you hear it tick
Now and then if you will, just say if you're ill or feel a bit sick
It goes by quick, you won.t feel the sting .. It.s a rhythm thing
People really listen as those words you glisten 
They swoon and they sway with the voice of their choice 
Another chat another day hear it as you say,
"Trust the sway, feel that swing".. It.s a rhythm thing

You bet your boot someone gives a hoot 
Those things you might do or may, or so they say the fashionable bling ... It.s a rhythm thing

All that remains are slight discernible stains
Not so squeaky and clean, still they know what you mean
Right then and there it.s up in the air for all who care
Some kind of change it.s a bird it.s a plane
Single words can.t explain what life will contain
And that song you sing .. It.s a rhythm thing



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