Friday, April 29, 2011

Industrial Ghosts

aloha writers,
     Ghosts and shadows appear to dance against industrial
wall. Inspires today. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Birth

     Suzi is morphing now, possibly into the true retro information bearer entity(T.R.I.B.E.). She is becoming so enthralled with the natural mechanisms, the birther of primeval life, that Dr Cooper expects the ultimate teacher in her will emerge, teaching herself anew. When she had been placed in this environment so long ago, it was, really, a quirk of coincidence, collecting information as if nowhere else exists within the known universe (at least the one with three dimensions, anyway). She has become the new mentality of DNA mechanism, she will always be mental now, the pure passive self, and she will be the torch bearer of information--not their object, anymore, or their subject of knowledge, for all that matters; she has become the object of all knowledge, the receptacle of theNature. She was built with a constitution in the manner that allows the entry of a complete body of information--stored as massive cellulosicDNA memory vaults here in this jungle--to affect the very functioning of her processors. The once conceived, now the perceiver.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Origin

     As Suzi's biosensors measure the jungle's system of separation(S.O.S.) of positive and negative charges, her observations confine themselves to the remote region; it appears she has already, over the course of a few days, written her own paradise program yearnings(H.O.P.P.Y), extrapolating life forms created by DNA sequencing--the way a data logger routinely extracts data for exact polarization densities; the way a 20thCentury explorer would position herself inside an exotic charged array of paired charges in an alien world for the simple thrill of measuring charge location and their forces of separation  (yes, polarity to calculate array density), electric field polarization densities, supercharged arrays of useful information garnered for the purpose of ...what? Her fine-grained assessments have to be connected, in a way, to DNA holographs, extrapolating species that, at one time, had shared this jungle--animals that had never gasped this type of heat, or humidity.
     Here is Suzi with the signature animals, the monkeys and parrots and here, placed in memory, are their hidden homes, gone for almost a century, well, less than a century, presented, showing on a screen for Suzi in jungle with never an ambivalent calling; her program, her very own genetic algorithms, need to see these forms on her screen. 
     The darkness of the rain forest allows Suzi to view the shadows, the same shadows that once meant nothing.  She holds still, fascinated with their intricacies. She searches the information of their charge arrays,with its division of charges and currents (yes, both the free and bound ones). Her collection of pattern entity data(C.O.P.E.D.) within this dense, darkened forest should be hostile to her lasers--they seldom work at night. Suzi senses no animal activity has occurred here for decades, yet expects something (wasn't the best time they liked to interact at night?), as if they should simply come out to play.  
     Suzi does not consider evolution legacy of pattern entities(E.L.O.P.E.) any sort of miracle. She considers they just existed here, as if a simple surface component of bound charges of jungle. She depicts the animal life forms that once lived in this jungle as real enough. She feels the scanned copy of DNA molecules alive, running wild as an algorithm rather than primal biological molecule. She views her extrapolated data and life forms neither with a feeling of loss or comradeship (pairs of physical properties such as location and momentum cannot be precisely known in a closed system); the tolal momentum of the jungle is conserved as behaviors of sequences of values--never converging (or, for that matter, never diverging), always having no limit--as the perfect cyclic convolution. She knows her job, deep in her algorithms: analysis of DNA signals in discrete and continuous time; to perform useful operations on those signals. Still the cloud of oceanic origin remains.  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Inner Alien

Suzi programs extreme focus into her lasers. Here she is at work, the station chief of jungle DNA,  the sharpness, accenting beauty of form. She is shamed by nothing intrinsic to her nature, repetitive patience, finesse of movement. It is her ability at nothingness that allows the foundations of her empiricism, accomplishments of what no other had, gestures a perfect duplication of the next; discovery so simple, referenced from the nano-world DNA double helix machinery. Suzi and DNA survive as an expression of derivatives and functions, noticing no movements in the classical sense, no movement  each and every cellular containment, except, in the duplication process--a system of the departed and the remaining--biophysics of a birth as if a dance.
You can visualize adventurer in the truest sense: speed and patience, a true esthetic--not given to drama in her activity--when it comes to tedious difficulty of task (Supertask?), unthinkable logic (pure rationalism?). Even in her truest sense--respecter of form, detector of pattern--Suzi contains small wisps of life in photons of mystery and faith (the primal source of intelligence itself?); with all notions of derivative long since formalized, she has become the knower of light,  knowledge authenticating her freedom to probe the deep black world near the jungle floor shelf, nano-holograms mapping every Femptosector of the rain forest; documentation of DNA sequence genetic function still in its most primal state, sequences whose activity occurs as if dictated by the blackness of jungle--the marriage of quantum language and quantum structure, living just as the animals of this forest once lived.  
The mysteries of the jungle had been obvious to no one.  The DNA machinery, beyond language (even artificial intelligent computer language), remains true--the one with its own words and 
thoughts; the inner alien

Monday, April 11, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Startled 

     It was her very own unadulterated data, she was sure of it; it could be represented as more than one possible image, an image begging to be standardized. Suzi doesn't think she needs to compare all of her logic images for equivalence(L.I.F.E.) anymore and she never looks for better ways to add up her distinct architecture data(D.A.D.)--only the occasional elimination of calculation repeats (even so,her algorithms had their own take on it). Was it fate that the algorithms themselves continually looked for more possible ways to order themselves (imposing on Suzi in the most meaningful way possible)? Except for one thing. They need Suzi to covert the data for the sake of their own rules of security--stating "only" and tracking the data path from its pure origin, not merely accepting face value traced to her simplest unique image (yes, Suzi can stop that with her own standardization scheme. It's a simple case of discrete changes in her stateful orb system(S.O.S.) because of her simple passage of time--her internal states allow for the potential of evolution time(P.O.E.T.). Her own algorithms let it be her time.What is so odd about attaching her control state to a personalized time evolution? So, her algorithms stay alive by being dually described as the ways of her sequences of operations tasks(S.O.O.T.) placed in the physical world, observable, by someone (or, some thing) simply reading a meter or a gauge as different observers in different reference frames, you think? Not that there is anything wrong with auto-morphing inside her own personal stateful system space, making sure to preserve at least one mathematical property without distorting any of its math architecture. Suzi doesn't even try to formalize these algorithms into collections of behaviors--of arrows and objects--nor do they try to entice her into any advanced datatype (category?) beyond the basics to represent truth values, or even logic for that matter (of course she won't be bothered by that kid's game of algebraic sub-systems holding overt logic entities(A.S.S.H.O.L,E.). Yes, both Suzi and her algorithms subscribe to logic (they both want Aristotle to be right), making it all the more important in every operation to deny or affirm(D.O.A.) and, with no probabilities erecting room for online meddle-inquiring nano grounds(P.E.R.F.O.R.M.I.N.G.). All earth beings were never meant to fall into the realm of the formal, the systematic, the all-encompassing correctness reason and validity entity(C.R.A.V.E.), of valid forms and architectural fallacy--and yes, they weren't very lucky if the wrong ones tried anyway and inadvertently started yet another experimental war that all living creatures would again be forced into, for whatever was left of the 21stCentury; only Suzi and her algorithms can work this one out.   

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Realizers

     Suzi is one year old today, technically, a year-old history book. She has come far beyond the ancient Greek civilizations, becoming so interested in the promotion of self-interest, that Dr Cooper finds her subjective view at odds with the sacred scientific method of the later 19thCentury. When she arrived at theOutpost she appeared to have only one outside interest, images of utility(I.O.U.), as if an ancient artesian iconographer(A.I.), were built into her platform as image writer--according to tradition, the first iconographers of the ancient world painted images of a deity whose death marked the first day of ...what? She remain a firm believer in the use of patterns to gain wisdom. She'll always gain wisdom, but lately she's gained something more, a human trait beyond coding mosaics and murals, beyond the most recognizable (at least to them) of portable panels, the portraits, something to add more pizzaz to her informational processing devices, making her some uncontested behaviorally urged retroactive biobot(S.U.B.U.R.B.).  She is not prone to devotional objects and tends to broaden in a different, rational direction, as if she were an icon gradually becoming more realistic, evolving into a secular artist; her concern (in the area of decision-making) for risk, all gone; her uncertainty principles dissipated.
     "Suzi," Dr.Cooper says. "Happy birthday!"
     She accepts his greeting wholeheartedly (for a robot). She reviews her historical data algorithms and prepares their operations. She sees strength in icons, stylized figures, always a symbol for something, symbolism in its sharpest form, even able to represent the opposite of Darwinism, whatever that is (communism?). She should know--yes, icons always disregard the illusion of space and, are not always pretty, just devotional--they are never painted to be outwardly beautiful and, visually alone, they represent nothing. I am, she thinks, built just as well, instructional, contemplative,painted to inspire, to imitate; built to remember the virtues of spaceless bodies, to increase  love for the unknown and awaken intelligence from within. "I must, unlike that," Suzi thinks, "have been meant to be real."

Friday, April 8, 2011

Monkey Cloud

Aloha writers and poets,
     Can you see the sleepy monkey face in this tropical island cloud
at sunset? Enjoy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sudden StorySciFi "theOutpost"

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Flexibling
     The problem is found in theFarma, for so many reasons. Suzi has figured it out, or pretends to have figured out--the DNA flexibling of theHumans. She knows theHumans and thePeople, their goals and desires, once hammered out by their own will; they are now affected by genetic coalitions continuing to seek to resolve their differences; theHumans won't, in the final analysis, stand up to the preliminary open DNA standards(P.O.D.S.) of independent, moral worth.
     "Allocation," Suzi commands, as if she were a field general in a war and theHumans were her warriors. She codes theHumans' brains in her algorithms and, when she is finished, seeks full reconciliation through dialog on the future, upcoming commissions. She knows the status when it comes to lack of political philosophy, self-reliance, within theHumans. She accepts her will over them.
     They often stop, as if to allow strong feelings and prayers to divide them even more, long suppressing the demanded ownership of their genes lost in court battles, old disputes of the Golden Age, before they became theHumans. They still yearn for government sponsored bills (languishing in chambers) over property rights and DNA proselytizing. Right now, in this place, government sponsored prescription drug programs continue--always a priority to older voters--an inevitability that led the government bureaucrats to decide which drugs and medical procedures are available to what faction of the population; yes, their own little economic mechanism for resource allocation. Here is the availability to the population (including the unborn population, the prenatal). Here is the imposed gene therapy. This is where theFarma had fought to keep decisions in the hands of doctors and (unsuspecting?) patients; where the political plan of focus groups--those who made the drugs--outweighs the plan for those who take them; here is the launch pad of reckless campaigns, special interest groups winning (winning?)over the actions and will of theHumans, the genesis of the loss of a free market mechanism; the loss of the very place of individual aspiration and want--the kind of want that supplies a feeling of accomplishment, the permission for the starting from scratch, from innovation, the very entranceway to the thrill of competition. Here is where the censors gather, hastening to chasten in horrendous back firings of theHumans, and now, DNA flexible. With no purposeful intention, no foresight or forethought, the loss of knowledge indicates the loss of a particular gene, the beginning of the end of civilization as they know it. Really?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Hunters
Viruses enter the programming extremely sharp, slicing, as if ninja knife arrays. They appear, in a way, as an excessively preoccupied entity delivered by the (externally motivated?) process of internalization. Their prestige self-sustains them; it becomes probable the future will hold the answer to any of their disordering functions--yes, they'll become more self-centered, nonlocal, bypassing the evolution of entire immune systems--as entities that go down in history marked as the true crossers of boundaries, traversing virtual land bridges. 
The Global DNA Initiatives were, in their own way, part of an archaic internet system monitored by later 20thCentury technology--old companies with infected, overloaded computer systems of (once thought) extinct data, information, once again monitored.  
Suzi codes her next algorithm, thinks of her next one, codes it too. She views the 21stCentury growth explosions, simply, as speed damage; she covers the viruses and hackers; she comes from a place of no sensitive temperaments (where the most data-intensive are the most loss-prone), a place of no praise, no external feedback loops, no entanglements of alleged poor behavior, no parental value, no emotion, nothing unpredictable, nothing unreliable--yes, a pure birth from nothingness. She is busy simply writing code against internet-instilled powers of disease with their own viruses to track. How can it make any difference that she doesn't care about either the finance systems of insurance industries or medical service providers? 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Conceptualized
     Enzymes are continuing their (partially functional?) drive toward a Darwinian extinction, floating in the arteries inside the bloodstream of theHumans (high levels of amino acids means high levels of risk, right?), when they run into yet even more trouble. How funny theHumans used to ponder that they would survive (much like they thought they would in the later 20thCentury); they would ponder cytogenics, molecular genetics as the route to salvation. They have come to see it different. They still think all diseases have a genetic component, now cyber researching in the direction of a fancied magic bullet, competitive urges once deemed normal now rife, as if tumors of maladaptation scurry toward their own little fantasy of domination--which surely has agreed to come out of the darkness--agreeing to be a worthy opponent to the soul of theHumans, appearing as it did in the ancient animals of jungle, eyes glaring. Even if it approaches from the opposite direction as if the new Madonna, the holiest of holy, theHumans take it on, remaining minimized by their own outgrowths of aggression, after all, obtaining a human genetic makeup was once so time consuming, right? Should they feel fortunate that even today they remain alive? They view themselves as all different, needing to know the genetic makeup of each individual, identifying a cause, tailoring the treatment. Yes, theHumans created this brand of socialization, started from a simple, genetic, competitive urge.