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Tropical Photo Poems


Aloha Poets,

Parade Rider

Leafy walks where hearts hold sway
Where the just go awry and dance the bay
Spurned on by nature's legacy of light
Coverstory controversies rage the night

Throttle down slow and settle up quick
Pride hot bouquets man the deck
Pandering pandas at ocean's helm
Weasels their words to overwhelm

Pop the champagne toss the confetti
Then measure the risk to the Serengeti
Truth troopers roost upon the hill
As rattle towns do what they will

Why don't we try just to stand a chance
Entangled adventure's little dance
As cinema sexy touts its trail
Do well to wear a bushy tail

Trump Tower Waikiki

Aloha poets,
The new Donald Trump Tower rises in Waikiki Beach against the blue Hawaiian sky. In the fictional world this structure could be a masterplot.