Thursday, January 24, 2008


 Aloha!  How did you do?  Have a seat and let's talk a little guitar THEORY. It's true you don't need to touch your guitar with your left hand to play a "chord."  Just strum the open strings and you will have a CHORD.  But remember, sooner or later you will want to play a song. This means you must play a chord that has FUNCTION. You want your chord to painlessly lead you to another chord, and then another until you have your song, This is why we want to start with Fmaj7, the chord the guitar was built to play.
Song for the day:       

Genre:  eWorld Poetry

    It's So Quiet Up There

I looked for the answer, it never came
Then silently swore, who's to blame
I felt the wind, and heard a bouncing balloon
Got here late,but I didn't leave soon

I tried think but then, what about?
That's when the hush of traffic fell, deafening out
A roar of silence rose but, my heart didn't care
I wished I was on a vast beach somewhere

These flowers and toys and color balloons
I  just know they're gonna start, talkin real soon and
Give me the reason for the man in the moon,
Little tot smiles, and little hearts in bloom

Somebody please, somebody somewhere
Feel a little for me and show that you care
Give me an answer, I'll wait right here
It's just that it's just so quiet up there

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Guitar Lesson #1

Do you have a guitar in your closet
 and a song in your heart? 
Have you gone so far and
 need a new place to start?
Grab your guitar, electronic tuner 
 this guitar method will get you there sooner  

  • The lowest string rings free: That's "E open"
  • The second lowest string rings free: That's "A open."
  • The 3rd lowest string is "fretted" on the 3rd fret: That's an F note.
  • The 4th lowest string is "fretted" on the 2nd fret: That's an A note.
  • The 2nd highest string is "fretted" on the 1st fret: That's a C note.
  • The highest string rings free. That's an E note.

  • Strum all six strings and you hear a jazzy F chord:    Fmaj7 

Here is the beginning of your adventure...

This is the first day of the rest of my guitar 
life and...hopefully yours too!
You will receive a guitar lesson from 
beautiful Hawaii.      Enjoy!