Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dream Wave

                This inviting wave was shot at Sunset Beach, Hawaii. Surfers believe this beach offers some of the best waves in the world. In the winter months, surfers arrive here from all over the world to catch their "dream wave." Writers can catch their own dream wave every day of the year by simply writing ...so inviting!                         Enjoy! 

Genre: eWorld Poetry

Vacation Girl

Baffling little twists look with every turn
Extraordinary elegance heroics to burn
Dramatically delicate eyes for effect 
Stunningly they scientifically select
Offers so sweet feathery trace
As you brush little wisps of hair from your face

So nice to see your sunny new times
No more for you a little nursery rhyme
Abandoning game face out on the reef
The younger your mind back on the beach
Time's thief allows this temporary chase
As you brush little wisps of hair from your face

So soft you are you float down under
Radar in your little Birdthunder
Which by the way looks like fun
Having a little here under the sun
Grab a tan understand the nature of race
As you brush those little wisps of hair from your face

Monday, April 28, 2008

Deep Blue Ocean

                 Here is a wave shot in Turtle Bay, Hawaii. This dark blue is a nice contrast against the white water, giving the wave its sense of excitement. Writers also can use contrast to create excitement in their prose. Let's write with that in mind today. By the way, this wave is brought to you by request from Jesse in Atlanta.                Enjoy!

Genre:  eEarth Poetry

 My Maple Syrup

Only fools stay
Where lonely cools the day
So much attention left to pay
 How's the weather out that way?

It's not whether now
 But when and how
December to March
 Will find a plow

Winter's hummer
Simmers like summer
Take on all comers
Leaves will fall

So global 
And so heart warming 
A friend to you
Comes a trend swarming

Talking about back in the day
Smell the dew and it smells you
A new cut hay
Back in the day

What's this about a coming storm?
Is that another swarm?
Less snow more rain 
Feel the pain
Giddy up the bridle
 Kick that stirrup
I'm sure going to miss 
My maple syrup

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Natural Pink

                  This flower caught my eye because of it's color and symmetry. It was a little windy that morning, but this little guy looked happy, healthy and focused, with Waikiki Beach just in the background. Writers also need focus and symmetry in their storytelling. A good screenplay is described as a "tight little story." Let's aim at that idea today.                Enjoy!

Genre: Poetry

          Monday Star

Working under pressure
A nice way to dance
Driving a money car
From a place of innocence

Defenseless exposure 
The lock of daily game
Whether deadly or not
Works out the pain

Never to hold back 
And so needed where you are
Helplessness is no kicker
To be a Monday Star

Genre: Nouveau Hawaiian 

               Rainbows Forever 

There are rainbows with shades of blue
Where the rain goes they chase too
Destination danger allure lone ranger 
Rainbows forever find you 

Not the same with you not here
Pronto charms your flame so dear 
In your precious time as you turn to shine
Rainbows caress your fears

Rainbows above and beyond carry blues
Follow the rain glow as they choose
Fly float high fathom the sky
Rainbows forever find you

Known you too well to let you go now
Alive with your smile as young lives allow
Bring your blues, reds and yellows too
Rainbows forever find you 


Monday, April 14, 2008

Clearwater Blue

     Here is a morning photo with shadows and a variety of colors
 and brightness. Writing  also requires this kind of
"range" in dynamics. Let's try that today.                           Enjoy!

Genre: Country Blues

                          My Own Sweet Time

It's true I called you, thought of something we could do
Would run for a while, stay clever have a smile
Wherever we would go, you could bet we went
Oh the time we chose, the time we spent

I liked it there, yes it's true
Yes I did, with someone like you
Gave you my hand, you shook it fine
I gave you my own sweet time 

A little shy, I had my reasons, took my time like the seasons
Saw your beauty, you had me there, sweet smile flowy hair
Jumbled words and little rhymes, took it slow in due time
You shook my hand then my mind, I gave you my own sweet time

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sanguine Sunshine

                 Here is another sunny day photo, shot late morning. This woody plant stands tall even with very little wood in its stem. It's showing a lot of confidence,which is also a good trait for writers.                                 Enjoy

Genre: Country Pop

                   Your Kisses Keep Me
Depend on independence, that gets you by
A little freedom keeps you so high
You like nice things in a little wooden box
And don't like the way every everybody talks

Traveling light, you like to get around
All the white noise is no bothersome sound
You can bet a life, you'll always know where I'll be
I'm always where your kisses keep me

Once in a while,  they show a friendly face
A touch of your hand, a warm-hearted place
But you always know where I'm gonna' be
I'm always where your kisses keep me

Genetic infusion is found everywhere
People watch, people stare
Where have you been, who will you see?
You must know by now I'm where your kisses keep me

Friday, April 11, 2008

Scenic Enchantment

                      Thank you for the nice comment Jessi!  Yes...the idea with the photos is to give writers a place to start. As you saw, the Environmental Conscience photo conjured words into lyrics of a different context. To a writer, this may simply be vision memory. A reader can see it as metaphor. It's sort of a "universal connect" idea.
                       I chose today's photo because it shows beauty that includes density and depth. The flower is very bright, but there is also an interesting world behind it, beyond its color. Great writers learn not to fall in love with the first viewing of their work. True enchantment occurs during the rewrite. 

Genre: Jazz Ballad

                     Born Yesterday
This story started long ago, and so far away
And I know a thing or two about love
Its kind of wily trap, Stardust on tap
Yes sir I was far from born yesterday

I knew one thing, what love could bring
Wouldn't put it past anyone at all
To 'bide their time with sweetness of rhyme
And wait, for final heartaches to fall

Yes I know a thing or two, a ring or two
Come from good stock still stand tall
Heard legends told, then die where they lay
Yes sir I was far from born yesterday


Genre: Rock

                Prevalent Comment

Once privvy now, its no longer my own
A little laughing matter's getting me stoned 
A babble of a laugher put me in the gray
Are they really asking for my job today?

Tell me what I did, tell me anyone
And what should I do, now that its done
Is it really bad, like in the first degree?
That's not what I meant, you got to believe

Prevalent comment, what can I say 
Dinky little deed that grew out of the fray 
Once a little ditty then up it went
It's big news now, a prevalent comment

Did those little words really hold the power?
When I said what I felt at a waning hour
They'll send me up I'm sure, can I ever be free?
Of my prevalent comment in the first degree

Genre: Jazz Ballad


History in the making, is who we are
A story for the taking, come so far
A generous relation, sensualization
Devo elation, oh so naturally

Has anybody noticed this smile on my face?
Across many oceans, arrived without a trace
It occurs to me, here in your arms sublime
There's another smiling face smiling down at mine

Provocation, a sense of history
Avocation, sweet and lovely mystery
Beginnings, endings, bookends you and me
Provocating, history for the making
Soon to be love, my love, provocation 


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blue Shelter

                 Here is a morning photo. There was a lot of activity around the harbor that morning. I managed to find a "calm spot." Writers also need a calm place they go to write. This photo may help you do that.    Enjoy!

Genre: Country Pop

                                    Let's Just Dare

We got a ghost of a chance, to make the most of this dance
Should we have a romance? For you I really care
Our love is here to stay, who could have prayed for this day
Should they find us this way? Why not let's just dare

Don't stop Go fast Get up Make it last
Let's drop, every woe of the past
Let's just dare

There is woo in your eye, you are who I realized
Is love a roll of the dice? My heart, is yours my dear
Can this really be, so beautiful you are to me
Should we hold each other tight? Why not let's just dare

Genre: Poetry
   Milestone Mania

Applaud the milestone
 Cheer it on
Be a Santa in a child's home
Sing the praise sing the song
Applaud the milestone, it won't soon be beat
A stand alone out in the heat

Applaud the milestone let it stand
Until it's ripped by another hand
Witness the feat the possibility
The force of will, natural ability
Sit at the feet of wonderment
It's no wonder everyone went

Applaud that milestone cheer it on
As somebody new sings their song
No hanging heads in bereavement here
No lamentation in the wonder of cheer

Monday, April 7, 2008

Environment Architecture


     This photo was shot on a sunny day in late morning. Notice the contrast between the cool shelter of the building and the exposure of the flowers to the bright sky. Writers can also "show" contrast in a lyric, phrase, or genre. Let's try that today.

Genre: Environmental Poetry

 Nature's Hug 

Her hug is a gift who's arms we depend
Through the march of time a constant friend
So steady her gift and so carefully planned
Will ever her berth go unmanned?

She started with love then reinvention
Ends with our final deficit attention
The time has come now we know
Nature is a hug given us slow

We still feel lucky with the love she brings
Even now through the thick and the thin of things
She's a hard act to follow even now through the haze
Nature's hug our first gift will last through our days

Genre: Nouveau Hawaiian

                  The Reef is Chief

Hawaiians of old so proud and so bold
Did life really end was someone so cold
Hawaiians of old have your stories been told?
Relics sold like some curio

Hawaiians of old with stories of gold 
The reef is your chief with life it can hold
Alone by its hand from the waves to the land
Hawaiians of old the reef  is in command 

The reef is the chief the maker of sand
Life of the land held in its hand
The reef is the chief who stands with such pride
Stems the tide holding the fury inside

Hawaiians of old, of faithful belief
Your story is gold the reef is the chief  


Genre: Hip Hop

                           Let Me Play

Feel the need feel the heat
Make me a possibility
Wanna go go get some
I'm not just any gun
Take a possession make concessions
Log on get it on
Don't mess with a goodbye kiss
Just let me play

I'm a speed burner a real head turner
A yardage churner I will move your chain
Prototypical tickle popsicle
Coin drain grease my brain end this pain
Just let me play

The wind at your back on a firm fairway
On a good day I make 'em pay
Don't need no rogue trainer that's a no brainer
I do four point three that makes me a possibility
Just let me play


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Environmental Conscience

     This  photo was shot at about 8 in the morning on Waikiki Beach. There are no obvious signs of life, but if you look closely, you may see some. The sky and water are blue because their oxygen refracts sunlight at the blue wavelength. Although we can't see the sun or the oxygen, we can sense its result by the presence of blue. The clouds are white because they hold water, which refracts all colors of sunlight. This photo "implies" the presence of life. 
     This idea is also true in lyric writing. Writers concoct images, offer a sense of story, and deliver emotion with simple words. We don't "see" all the ingredients, but we can sense the "life" of the story.                                  Enjoy!

Genre: eFuture Poetry

           Tell Your Story

Learn the language, learn it well
Oh! the stories you will tell
Don't you worry, don't be shy
Your life may end, but you won't die
Learn the language!

Learn the language, learn it well
Tell your story and tell it well
Burn your anguish, it may sell
Learn the language, learn it well
Learn the Language!

Strip to essential, plot your plot
Get a hook make a book,why not
Chart a few memorable lines
You're the one who makes it shine
Learn the language!

Genre: Hip Hop
                That What You Want?

You left it there, that ringing in my head
Do you care? Am I better off dead?
Thought I bought it then I heard a cheer
Really got me how you took me there 

You sing your jaunt with a stinging taunt
You ring this haunt and spring your daunt
That what you want?

There you go, singing for praise
With eyebrows raised, all the craze
Sing your song, they sing along
Your little jaunt in the places you haunt

Get out there don't beware 
They may care, anybody there?
Your sound is what they really want 
A little jaunt with a stinging taunt. 
Go out there!

Friday, April 4, 2008


                  This is the inspiration photo today. I remember when I shot the photo, there were many people behind me crowding onto a city bus. You can find beauty and interesting dimension in any environment. This idea can also be true in sounds, or in the words you write. Just find the beauty.                                         Enjoy!  

Genre: eEarth Poetry

                   Dark Columbia

Dark Columbia, deep in my heart
A misty mountain song, lost at the start
I sense a dream in the wildest of blue
Deep Dark Columbia, I'll care for you

Slow my mind when I'm fast asleep
Nudge morning promises I must keep
I'll speak of love, sketch it out
Tell the story, you stretch it out

So deep and dark, you hold my mind
Slow and smooth, shaded sunshine
So sincere, with no shallow care
Dark Columbia, take me there

As subtle streams filter down
Muster your macho, cover your grounds
Black rim sediment, Cafe' noir
Deep Dark Columbia, do the chore

Genre: Bluegrass

                         Fountain of Truth

Happiness happened oh so sweet
When your beauty appeared on my little street
With eyes so kind and a heart so soft
You shook my mind sent it aloft
Then right there on my little street
You rendered my life with dancing feet

Like a dream discovery rhumba
The fountain of truth java coffee mocha
Words rang true showing you care
With a voice so soft pure and clear

Love is the fountain of truth
Arrival contingent on survival of youth
Someday we'll know what's said is true
What love brings dreams come you

With those words of wisdom I did hear
My heart jumped up in the air
To this day I extend warm gratitude
For extending my life with attitude

I won't soon forget events back there
Came a beautiful girl out of nowhere
To render my life with dancing feet
Right then and there on my little street

Genre: Brazilian Jazz

                    Heavenly Eyes

Heavenly eyes, you've got heavenly eyes
When you look at me
Looking at you, looking at me, look at you
Just me and you,  and where we are

The night is you, only you
I'm swimming in your senses, losing my defenses,  
maybe what is meant is, I'll love you

No more pretending, love is descending
Beneath a starry night, I found you
So astounding were you, heavenly eyes

Beneath the moonlight
No one pretending, defending
What two hearts already know
Those heavenly eyes drifting in blue over you
With you, only you

Starry eyes find me, remind me, heavenly eyes
It's really true, what could we do, out of the blue
Love found me and you
Has finally found us, tenderly, heavenly high
Heavenly eyes and you



Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ocean Blue Sky


     It's a sunny day! Let's see what our photo conjures up today...

Genre: Hip Hop

                         Just Do It

Finally now, just get it together
Don't you worry about the weather
Think of it like there's nothing to lose
If you're not living your life, then who's?

What's the use pining and paining
You look outside, it just started raining
Who really are, they to you?
You're the one who, started to do

Just do it, do something uplift
Give yourself a really big gift
Get to it, there's lots of time left
Just do it! Use your heft

You say, they got to you
They say, that story's all true
You know you almost blew it, already knew it
Get to it, just do it

Turn that boat, do it with a bang
Don't talk about that old song you sang
No hangtime, and no shapeshifting
You are the one, you do the heavy lifting
Just do it!

Genre:  Bluegrass

                        Blow Me Away

Night falls, the wind is cold, so tired so old
Or so you say, were your feelings today
But you're not done, you cover your tracks
And begin to mount, the mother of all comebacks

Come on, blow me away
Tell me the truth, I'll believe what you say
Bring it to me, your shocking stretch of game
Blow me away, make a name

Face it, ace it, I know you can taste it
It's in your sights, you're dead to rights
Get the game point, in this little joint
And your stream of wows, steady now

Don't derail now from the roar of the crowd
Hear them shout, close it out
When you're older and wiser and rocking gray
You'll still hear them say, Blow me away!

Genre: Cool Jazz

   Just For Me

Somnamulate and woo me
Never hesitates to sooth me
More than hypnotic curiosity

Timbre talented
Through the night so gallanted
Iceberg tip beauty to me

Nonchalant entitled
Raw loveless unbridled
Music flows with sweet harmony

Cool with the moves 
Casual grooves
You phrase your words nonchalantly

And away from all harms
Infuse to these arms
Charmed intrusions only for me

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Waikiki Flower

                Today we will continue to explore different genres of lyric writing. The "writer's life" usually requires some form of inspiration. This can be anything from a beautiful memory to a photo. I shot this photo with Waikiki Beach only a few feet away. The flower adds beauty to a beautiful setting. It is the inspiration for today's lyricism.                                    Enjoy!

Genre: Environmental Poetry

                    Scant Remains

So easy to go out lose your fire
Find nothing left only burnt desire
To leave so much doubt, doesn't take brains
When everyone runs out scant remains

If the claw of silence becomes complete
The laws of science still compete
Falling so far with yet to feel any pains
When everyone runs out scant remains

Remembered beginnings have no end in sight 
As conjured collections take fearless flight
Will we look back in wonder the loss and the gains?
When everyone runs out scant remains

Genre: Country Blues

                       Hot Cool Cat

A hot light overhead cool one made a stand
Made me part of her natural plan
Always calling me her hot cool cat
Who doesn't love that?

She takes me to parties and just likes to sit
Makin' me part of her personal kit
Her friends all throw me the welcome mat
Who doesn't love that?

Tell me now who doesn't love that
A tap on the head and a pat on the back
With a kiss and a hug I hang my hat
Who doesn't love that?

Some jealous few call me lazy
Just as soon see me pushing up daisy
But she stays by my side always chewing the fat
Who doesn't love that?



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guitar Review

                 I hope you have had a chance to practice guitar lessons #1,#2, and #3. Here is a REVIEW of the important points:

     1)   Place your left-hand fingers exactly as shown on Video #1 to make your Fmajor7 chord.

     2)   Place your right-hand fingers so each finger has its own string to play.

     3)   Create a new chord (D minor) by using one finger (pinky) of your left hand.

These are the main points of guitar lessons #1,#2, and #3. View the videos again to be sure your fingerings are correct up to this point. This is important for upcoming lessons. Ok?     Enjoy!

Genre:  Environmental Poetry

 Turn the Tide

Soaring music to you is the great panorama
Makes you a child in a Christmas banana pajama
You sing your songs of Nature's pride
One voice and those eyes turn the tide

Once upon the world you share of yourself  
Appearing even now to care without stealth
Those little songs stay in your heart you cool it down
Turn it around get on the ground

Now fast-forward mode carries the load
As the world hunkers down two by two
Ask each other sister and brother
Will we forever see green and blue?

Earthly bound seeking our found
Hoping never to turn away
Standing still now with one hand on the plow
And a plan for another day

Should we still we choose up sides 
Even as new needs arrive?
With one voice and those eyes
Turn the tide

Genre: Country

                          Little Pup

So slowly we go to a place in your heart
My only hope is my pride. Can it play smart?
If it starts jumping around or starts acting up
I'll take it back home like some little pup

So sweetly you share, your world with me
With a special touch and no entry fee
And about restless hearts, you must already have known
How they ramble and chase with no chance of a home

Like a man's best friend all through the years
You followed my heart into so many tears
Just a faithful companion doing its part
Never left me standing where most men start

When I look back down there, it's still at my side
Something in me said keep it, I guess it's my pride
You took me by the heart, became my Lady Luck
Sent my pride running, like some little pup