Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cool Green

                      This photo shows a cool area near Waikiki Beach. This area can also be calm, serene, placid, composed, moderate, or temperate. Writers use words according to their style.
Let's think about style as we write today.             Enjoy!

Genre:  Blues Rock

                  Lay Some Rail

So flawless and faceless you've got game
Another heart implodes who can you blame
To a port of call you set your sail
Never one thought of laying some rail

The right time rolls and then you go
Even no wind can.t keep you slow
Into any breeze with no flaunt or flail
Never a thought of laying some rail

Just a gesture of hope you get the point
Come back home and help build this joint
Pick up a hammer then a nail
Do your part.. start to lay some rail

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rainbow Forest

                  The photo was taken at a beach hotel in Waikiki. This quiet parrot is a macaw whose dynamic color engages us in a visual way.
                  Great writing is "dynamic" when it engages our feelings, hearing, intuition, smell, intelligence, taste, and touch. Let's consider this idea as we write today.             Enjoy!

Genre:  Jazz Pop

              How's It Going Over There?

How's it going over there you who are so far away
I guess things are OK or so you say
How's it going over there in your wild and blue 
Have you finally gotten with it or has it gotten you?

Does anyone ever fake a dream
Stand in line for the next to scream?
Honor one who's not quite where it's at
Can we really do that?

How's it going over there you so tested by time
Still tasting the wine dally sublime
In your brain a little home on the range
Take life's lavish ride all apologies aside

It's fair to say love will come your way
Once you define it the heart of gold
Only you can mine it then be sold 
Find someone who cares only then and there
Is it fair to ask "Hows it going over there?"

Genre : Blues Rock

            There Being a Next Time

I'll play it pretty then I'll play it again
Bring in the beast to visit all my friends
Show my hand then let out a breath
I'll play it pretty you do the rest

Shake this joint with rattle and rhyme
Meet up again somewhere down the line
Local folk follow me in a great big line
I'm getting myself used to there being a next time

Recovery discovery get me off the shelf
I'm going to be a good friend to myself
Try to play it pretty try to make it shine
Get myself used to there being a next time

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green Delegate

                   This afternoon photo near Waikiki depicts a "character." Great writers add sound, motion, and color to reveal relationships between their characters that "show" the story. Let's write with that in mind today.

Genre:  ePlanet Poetry

  Far From Enough

Hold it against me be so bold
Fence with me out into the cold
Launder the green don't do that scene
Hear these blues a little news

Keep trying love don't quit the pain
Know what they say about getting no gain
 If ever life gets a little more strange
We've got far from enough to support the change

Separately surviving to plant the seed
New notices arriving is all we need 
Sweet warning sounds with ears to the ground
Lay the odds what will be found

Informationally storm
Architect the next fashionable form
Get up now find your range
We've gotten far from enough to support the change

Genre:  eSciFi Poetry

              Little Hoax Device

Such a fashion statement I see you wear
Who will ever let you inside here?
Pardon me there but that's not nice
Your little artistic statement hoax device

Someone you must be trying to impress
You say it's yourself you want to express
Somebody's claim you're mounting an attack
One thing's to blame, it's humor you lack

It's true I never meant that thing to discharge
Judge won't you please dismiss my charge
Does't anybody get my little jokes
This little device is only a hoax

There's really no reason for all this alarm
It's just a little battery I got from the farm
Matters little to me why should it you
Who am I really what could I do?

Really I'm no deadly body of work
Just a walking fuse and my little quirk
Please officer won't you please be amused
As I stand here so rigidly accused

I'm so sorry my heart sweats and toils
As probationary blood simmers and boils
Once surrounded by a squad of vice
Me and my little hoax device


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Natural Style

                     Here is another morning photo of a flower near the beach. The stark diversity in color stimulates our vision. Great writers cause their readers to "feel something" by using specific detail. How a writer does this is style. Let's write with this in mind today.

Genre: Environmental Poetry

                    Ocean Ordeal

Batter the surf fight wind and wave
One more life left out there to save 
As the sea rises above and beyond
Listening in the distance a faint swan song

Go out where the deep waters flow
Swim with dolphins watch the whales blow
See the sea turtles then a sea seal
If the sea survives its ocean ordeal

Get a little deeper in over your head
Vacate the comfort zone go out instead
The tropics will grant your favorite wish
See exotic swims of the last little fish

Objects of desires are good little deeds
Rip at the heart of invasive weeds
Endangered species will be freed by you
Capture the ocean then turn it back blue 

Make a splash catch a wave 
Go out and find something to save
Tender togetherness will have its greatest appeal
When the sea survives its ocean ordeal

Genre:  Blues Rock

                Hard Cold Truth

Not a place known for its scenic view
A revolving door with the devoted few
Inspiration arrives and aspiration goes out
So many tears leaves so little doubt
Everybody knows they're packing the juice
When a little soft lie brings the hard cold truth

Little soft lies have a life of their own
Painted in a world and blemished to the bone
Somebody nudge me away from the darkness
Far far away from this little Loch Ness
Wise me up far beyond my youth
Little soft lie bring the hard cold truth

A little soft lie is never easy to see
But they pack a punch eventually
You can bet your heart it'll be on time
That hard cold truth coming down the line

Hard cold truth you wait and see
Hard cold truth eventually
Hard cold truth be on time
Little soft lie bring it down the line


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Earth Lodge

                   This is a photo of a cool area in Waikiki. This can be a safe harbor to relax for a moment, read, or write in your journal. In a story this is a setting. Writers describe a character by actions in a setting. Let's reflect on this idea as we write today.

Genre:  eYourWorld Poetry

                   Soften the Song

Lets all do something let's all see
Surely things will come around eventually
Some will say don't try, it's no use
Society's shock and awe is drug abuse

Try to give a little, chill just a trifle
Put down the argumentative rifle
Can't we just sing and be strong
And try a little harder to soften the song

How do you measure a treasure
The pleasure found in your company
And still the cost of pain rises
With its disguises and little surprises
Can't we find our way can it be so wrong 
To try a little harder to soften the song

Turn the page on the rage and confusion
Before the advent of a final conclusion
It seems so simple, imagine the world as one
To each other belong, vie to be fond and 
Try a little harder to soften the song

Genre:  eDesign Poetry

                      Comes a Song

Look to the sky with a little concentration
Notice a new distant constellation
Alleviate that habitual consternation
Abbreviate your lack of consideration

Relax create get out what's stuffed inside you
Get to it man stop holding your pride's view
You're no teddy you're human and ready 
Don't turn a blind eye your song holds you steady

Out of your head that's what you say
Out of your bed wit's end's well on it's way
See it now it won't be long
When out of you comes a song

You say you're along just for the ride
Watch a little T.V. let a few plans slide
That's your way of saying bye bye to yourself
Get up and get that song off the shelf

Monday, May 19, 2008

Natural Intent

                 This photo was shot a few feet from the ocean in Waikiki. Here is a good example of structure. The crane is building a structure according to the vision of architectsWe usually don't view the world through nature's eyes, but the way we want to structure it.
                 Writers structure their world through "storytelling." Let's ponder this idea as we write today. 

Genre:  eFuture Poetry

                   Purity of Quest

Surprise a friend then overwhelm
With aspirations to higher realm
What it means others take in jest
This serious business your purity of quest

In your mind you stand nth degree
One who says please thank you pardon me
Clarity in life paints a future that's best
One of principle purity of quest

Up ahead bright shiny city on a hill
Opportunities approach no time to stand still
Fax in your future be the all the best
One of principle purity of quest

Genre:  eSweetHeart Poetry


It's not so hard to find a side gal or guy
A cool look there in the eyes
Take first steps, quick off the ball
Sincerely summoned commitment call

Good with hands but delivers no blow
Recognizable face easy to know
Hasten to you with a chomp at the bit
Accelerate through then orally commit

A little selfish in a good kind of way
A work of art shown up every day
Run fast to restrict demeaning skit
Gentle to your face orally commit

Turn down offers of another's love
No fear of any below or above
Lights up easy likes to get lit
That special someone orally commit

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Design Cool

                   Although this photo says "New York," it is actually shot a short distance from Waikiki Beach. This simple idea reveals meaning and creates emotion. 
                   Writers express the natural order of life experienced by their characters. In fiction, this is an imposed scheme and is known as plot. Let's write thinking about this idea today.               Enjoy!

Genre:  Environmental Poetry

                   Shark Diver

Ask me now why they do it and how
The answer comes quick a simple slip
Into the deep with a promise to keep
Ocean chills simple thrills force of will 

As deep you go the ocean knows your guise
Kills the fun kill it before it multiplies
Soon staring eyes make them realize
It is they who are sized for the next surprise 

It's true some imbue the folly ends somehow
But not here not now this vacation must endo
A taste for the stew goes the chum for slaughter
Hope from deep blue comes up to muddy water

Long since smitten and never bitten
It's only a lark some friendly shark
Back on the coast friends raise a toast to a 50 mile boast
The talk of the town never hears the sound silently drown

Into the deep leaves nary a peep
As the ocean holds her promise to keep
Trade wind blows whisper vocation chose 
Shark diver forever sleep

Genre:  eYourWorld Poetry

              Condition of Anonymity

I'll go out and land the biggest prize
Stake my ground to sweepstakes in your eyes
Unhappy players won't have a prayer
My biggest move is about to happen here

We'll make the grade we'll have a parade
They say it won't last but we'll make the biggest splash
And with arms like these a reported guarantee
Of course I'm speaking only on condition of anonymity

You might think that this deal is a lot 
But I already know the player is hot
I'll defend my decision even on bended knee
Speaking only on condition of anonymity

I've been tied for the lead in number of gaffs 
But my availability is not a matter of laughs
People will say that remains to be seen 
They say we'll finish last we're so green 

When I'm with you I'm no loser it's true
You seal the deal you know what to do
An unbeaten run next to none is ours you'll see
Of course I'm only speaking on condition of anonymity


Friday, May 16, 2008

Beach Blue

     Here is a morning photo on a beach near Waikiki known as Magic Island. Sunlight reflecting environmental blue is oxygen. Sunlight reflecting environmental green is living chlorophyll. Blue and green together signifies LIFE. 
     Writers can add their own "life" to a story by reporting details that matter. Let's write with that in mind today!                          Enjoy!

Genre:  eSciFi Poetry
 Metallic Grin

It had to come to this
Sooner later finding bliss
World's latest craze starts here
Fashion statement dental gear

Authority clamps fateful trends
Vanity makes no amends
Beautiful face machine tool chin
Smile perfect metallic grin

Color coded coordinate mood
Rubber banded never glued 
Fashion finessed Ortho brace
Matching tan you're in the race

Risky business yet still they cheer
Bring it home pseudo dental gear
Optimal smile for that little miss
Metallic grin sealed with a kiss

Genre:  eYourWorld Poetry

   My Favorite Hangover 

Some go to parties wherever winds blow
Drink and dance to make the show
Those die hards never quit when they're through
My favorite hangover is always you

All night celebration needs no berth
Enthusiastical party animal hearth
Partaking freely their beloved brew
But my favorite hangover is always you

I found my saloon through the laughter
And all those revelers hanging from the rafter
You're my trail boss I'll be your rover
You'll always be my favorite hangover

I'm the master of my destiny
Destiny's child has never bested me
I never get high I never do
My favorite hangover is always you

Friday, May 2, 2008


                 Here are three waves shot on Oahu's North Shore, each with their own "personality." These waves are "shaking up" the water in their own expressive way. Great writers also do this. They change and alter data, exaggerate information, and distort facts to create truth that captures the imagination of their readers. That sounds like a lot, but consider the three waves. 
They travelled all the way from Siberia!              Enjoy!

Genre: ePlanet Poetry


Give Eon High Fives

Laying out empty ride's a little bumpy
More than slightly rough and never so tough
So pleasant the arrival her hand at survival
Though never in for glory tears tell the story

Evergreen through the seasons, she with her reasons
So good to be alive give Eon high fives
Now under the hush of the mud and the mush
She's felled along the way whoever will pay

Still the sun comes up to fill her cup
All she will say, is "Hey what's up?"
We tilled our need made her bleed
Still never will she ever give her love up

Now here she stands at the edge of man
With only a sigh warming disbelief
As the Guns of Gory make a run for glory
Only tears tell the story

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Forces of Nature

                 Here is a wave shot on Oahu's exciting North Shore. We don't actually "see" the force of gravity, but we can see the effects of the "forces at play" in the wave, its white water, and ocean spray. Writers can add more stirring force to their fiction with the "push and pull"of intriguing dialogue. Let's write with that in mind today.             Enjoy!

Genre: eWorld Poetry

 My Heart is Your Ocean

Hands of love reach out to me
At times so very hard to see
Down the path sultry moon
Beams on the water sunny soon

My heart is your ocean by night and by day
Cool waters run deep under life's fray
 Simple words go got game come away 
My heart is your ocean field of play

Sites of my life sprawls of highway 
Dangerous turn below hazardous bay
Negotiate slow thoughtful with care
My heart is your ocean you can go there
 So many smiles this sweet life to roam 
So many miles then finally home
Soft bay into view with its final dare
My heart is your ocean I'll see you there