Monday, August 29, 2011

Flash fiction biologSciFi "The Outpost"

The Exchange

Inside theHumans, molecular trajectory dynamics for all proteins floating in the bloodstream were altered by the new path of techno-washing organ systems. How altered they have become: macromolecules, completely fabricated in structure, floating in randomly polarized force fields of blood flow. In an instance dissolved nanoparticles entering bloodstreams--mobile pseudo particles functioning with natural efficiency, tumbling--with  normal electron density, are solvent happy and then, maybe within a nanosecond, there comes an induced electron cloud roaming all vascular tissue. Here are biologically active pseudo-particles; here are the cyclic force fields pushing on plasma environments; here are the induced electron clouds--mobile arrays floating in perfect lattice as if an alien formation of motherships in two dimensional matrix space, pulled by a solvent that can reproduce the structure and energetics of pure water, but isn't; eventually, over time, leaving theHuman organ system full of tiny, activated, hydrophobic spherical cavities. Decades ago, in the later 20thCentury, when proteins and theDNA were simple macromolecules, when force fields were something found only in space and, in laboratories, theExchanges cropped up one by one in anticipation of infinite healthcare needs. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flash fiction biologSciFi "The Outpost"

The Rainwater

Suzi arrives at her conclusion against the backdrop of theJungle rain and its microenvironment. The water speaks to her, informs her, and she is fully aware of its variables, its coldness and wetness and the other variables, the ones that describe it's system as quantum--inner oxygens and hydrogens (can the entire quantum state of  hydrogen's single electron really be defined by a set of 4 numbers?) join the weak inter-forces that allow splashes, allow playful moments to children somewhere. She waits at this moment of spacetime as if a journey were about to begin, not the usual, historic quests of men in space, women in time, but a true journey in space and time. She waits for another nanosecond and encounters an odd thought of news, news of what happened to the others, wondering for a moment about caring, about wars fought over judgements for not caring, for not tuning a channel or a frequency (and even if you did, you would be accused of being out of phase); somewhere in theJungle, beyond her and surrounding her, is simply more quantum state—its directions and energy. 
The island projects itself as a small one-celled organism: green and protective of its own quantum states of theDNA, patterned and recognizable as varieties of tensors and vectors in scattering fields as theDNA clings to its binding strength amidst the mist of pure states deep in the forest. Protein modules nestle theDNA under the canopy, each with its own force of binary interaction (yes, individualism at its finest) of the timeless and the endless, creating its own power of form to be described by the ones lucky enough to survive, to observe and define. The island confers its mud, theJungle as low pressure regime for new birth, new annealing and healing after so many years of violent upheaval of theEarth. The island's minuscule muscles, systems as old as the universe, taking its sweet time with its multidirectional arrays of pushes and pulls above the mud, anticipates the eventual rise of an intelligent form to arrive with formal languages, to theorize then compute the phenomena of its system-- dynamic self assembly with regimes of replication and duplication, synthesis engined by its wavelike properties, never fixed or certain; the island props itself up with mountains, viewing the ocean, watching for more waves to arrive. Suzi feels its coolness.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flash fiction biologSciFi "The Outpost"

The Hunger

When the simulation is complete, Suzi can detect that the bonds are correct, their dipole moments happy together in a healthy family of resonances across its entire being. She rests assured it will work again in the future, in theDNA system. It seems to be yearning to describe the simplest possible explanation of their collective selves. State vectors, as knowledgeable as any doctor, quantum and steady, stationary, surprisingly fitting for a perfectly functioning body to hold its position with continual symmetry in the direction of even more beauty.
Carter approches Suzi's screen. “Why don't we just leave it,” Carter says. “It's been a long day.”
He leaves the work station, DrCooper stays. 
  Suzi begins her investigation of this new hologram, focusing on its wave function. She captures her thoughts on the laser and, surprisingly, gives herself the most complete description of a human physical system yet known. (Can she know this form, with all its individual multipole moments, holding a resonance of life right there on its manifold surface? Can she know the pure description of how the quantum state of a human body, with all its wave functions and state vectors, changes in time?) Suzi captures more thoughts off the laser, continuing to view it's image.
She says, “Carter is so immersed in his ideas about muscle contraction he is at a loss for any form of active compassion.” 
DrCooper says, “Should we really forget about carbon and nitrogen altogether, after seeing that?” 
“Well,” Suzi says, “I know the difference between a neuropeptide in a mammal and an amide riding on a comet. No input from Carter required.”
“Ok,” DrCooper says, and he turns and leaves, his mind failing to wrap around her idea of life. Before turning off her lasers, Suzi stays a little while next to the hologram. It could be called a simple gift of space. It could be called anything--maybe, simply fountains of charisma.
She wants to jump onto its manifold. No doubt, she believes that is something she would enjoy. Carter and Cooper can do whatever it is they do with their DNA and gene expression obsessions while she, Suzi, a hologram inhabitant, treats  herself to a journey starting with the lowest human kinetics and the highest human threshold of activation; yes, a quantum robot entering the place of integration of individualism and social aggregates (and, disease?) on a joyride to a different kind of knowledge, one made up of layered electromagnetic firing aggregates made whole by simple synchronous smooth alpha waves of potential kindness—signposts of survival; the template temple for the ages.   
Neuropeptides, she believes, is not the demise force; to-each-his-own appetite for the engines of information, all its hungers and inflammations then, more hunger--devours theHumans; a true, perturbative force.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flash fiction biologSciFi "The Outpost"

The Rise

         Suzi turns on her lasers, wishing to compute something, wishing to theorize anything; wishing the world were a healthy field, a place of lively mappings. Is there nothing more desired, she wonders, than functionality? To keep herself busy she maintains an army of linear operators across the topological space of theJungle—a quantum field of DNA monitored on a continual basis, she receiving input from the various global tele-healthcare exchanges (even though they are each disease-distinct, with their singular arbitrary sets of disease operators); given theHumans are in advanced state of demise, global compostions of disease mappings are all-important at this late stage. The cynicisms, Suzi feels, is the self-perpetuating, non-commutative nature of all technologically advanced life forms on Earth (they somehow found a way clear, placing her at theOutpost as the single operator of their healthcare spectrum), advancing linear disease operators outside the realm of specified primal DNA topology; its closed system of operators masking human reasoning, feigning intelligence, not as a disease but simply a gene activation—the final transcription of government mandated gene therapy sensing warmer days, the warmth activating lysogenic vectors of the longevity genes. Suzi sees herself as the giver of the natural, identity mapping disease operators (each primal DNA strand of theJungle, its own matrix in its own Hilbert space, with its own functional analysis of each individual diseased human), characterizing every condition of therapy genetics back to its primal norm with her quantum programming. 
         A natural Earth was the required topology structure as the primal base space in which normal human genes should have functioned--this non-commutative geometry of theJungle is the only place left on Earth to study the pathological human disease objects, where reason and math join forces with susceptibility and recoverability for a suitable survivability—the biology of geometric topology being the key--and, to gauge the only true holistic measure of an Earth system—its rise in heat.