Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tropical Monolith

Aloha Poets,
Tropical monolith inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Penguins and Seals

Forbearance zoo along the crusty Bering Strait
Foot patrol of freelancers swim circles then march straight
Panhandling the Tenderloin is where extinction prevails
Volcanoes up there snake past web feet and furry tails

Turns out to be useful after all is said and done
Beyond the pale of sunsets planet earth stays under the gun
Takes on a liberal outlook on a panorama of ice
Isolated from one another populations roll the dice

Inner life swims circular as outer walks the line
Continents tinge in contingent plans as they dine
As level headed street levels head for the heap
Tectonic mayhem stays to say amen before they sleep

Where rooftop surveillance loses out to foot patrol
Web footed friends march above furry swimmers below
Tsunami extinctions by an ice sheet spent billiard ball
Seals and penguins skill still will answer the call

Where the level headed and lopsided cherished all went
Gained footholds on ice sheets and dance to heart's content
With nothing in mind survival frolics and selection plays
Scenic pasts hold penguins and seals beyond their daze

This story in the telling of windswept saga embroiled
A voice in the thoughts of bag ladies and how they toiled
Still over and under battlers dance to their heart's content
Out on the ice sheets wondering where the world went

Those darlings of daring they march and swim on
Meltdown islands were never part of their sweet song
Intertwined twinkles march above to only swim below
Penguins and seals dance all along the ice flow

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Zone Waikiki Hawaii

Aloha Poets,
Chile earthquake 8.8 magnitude generates tsunami toward south facing beaches in Hawaii today.

Tsunami Inundation Zone

Aloha Poets,
Tsunami inundation zone Kapiolani Park near Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. Tsunami landfall expected about 45 minutes from now.

Tropical Photo Poetry Collection

Aloha Poets,
Poetry collection inspires today. Enjoy!

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Ocean Palms

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Ocean Palms inspire today. Enjoy!

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Kaimana Beach near Waikiki Hawaii

Aloha Poets,
Kaimana Beach inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Inventive Discovery at Bay

Even as the memory of those mountains rearranges
A probability of heft brings fountains of strangers
Images collide in their own sweet endless time
Voices of rendition offer to greet them with rhyme

The arrival at fruition is a place on earth
Tension's survival depends on a journey first
Fresh impetus is diamond's sweet pressure gauge
Even so, the wars between modesty and security rage

Whatever became of overzealousness?
Subject to an obeying subject's jealous mess
For this occasion, pat-downs must carry on
Venting tension of dimensional fuss very long

Even as privacy algorithms check your bags
Enthusiasm gets it rolling and cleaves what sags
A meeting of minds endure spurious clout
Where big occasions look for a sneaky way out

Entrancing entrances can become entrenched
From out of nowhere then to Norway they went
Is the true state of nature when everyone fights all
Do only truthers and birthers remaining to make the call?

Flight clubs the fight with reiterated ploy
Referenced in regularity as if a favorite toy
Attention deflects with reasons to ponder
Still over the blank page is where you wander

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fire Flower

Aloha Poets,
Fire flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

That Fire You Burn

When streams of need float a range of choices
Sugarcoated summers echo in tangy voices
Soft snow feathers as temperatures rock and drop
Pulses interact to conditions where techniques hop

Lines of action drawn in the sands of the eventual
Pulls focus screaming in a home-like place so sensual
Dependency addict wanting a heart to be given back
As paws of pulse hold action under the fire of attack

Nice tight flight is what they do over there
Rising fire rises further into the night air
Out of control now from being held so tight
Responses differ from the sway of the night

Illumination's rule of thumb gains its sea legs
Something matters within when haooenstance begs
Review the mastersheet of a singular hot tigress
As reflections in extrapolation advance to digress

Chutes and latters shoot one, the former or the latter
In this serious vein far more likely warmer and fatter
Language beckons in meanings meant to live that long
Spells of action spill out in want to believe a song

At the moment when it counts most the first time
Put it mildly that venture into the deep foray of rhyme
Ignore all the questions that underlie in comfort
Lost in memories, that good head of steam is done for

Swords of warning clang in far flung noise
Little bobbles open the door to grungy boys
To be desired is a burden for all to shoulder
Getting away with clean shooting fails the older

Remain largely under the radar to burden your hand
Urgent of want in heady fantasy games the land
Long journey falls short on the strength of its turn
Already a darling so forge it straight that fire you burn

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Days

Aloha Poets,
Valentine Days inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

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Hawaii Photo Poems

Valentine Sunset

Aloha Poets,
Valentine sunset inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Escape to a Grand Fate

Decisions emerge in action as words abound
Double doable events to some sure confound
That song you write and play sounds so elephant
I mean elegant is your silent right to remain relevant

Something happened beyond pulses of fray
Surprise moves far from over decide to pray
Tone it down and cross that street off your list
Escape to a grim fate or at least loosen that slim fist

Disregarded guardians deemed not serious at all
After a surprise move bail but before the big fall
Accidental triumphs pick up their pace to commence
Flail between two pictures of fate as complacency comments

Expand the focus to include a select one or two
Scamper to a protective coating beyond that derelict view
Happy occasions emerge free and inescapable
Event planning submerges deep as merely capable

Strong on story told in the language of song's view
Picking up the pace and the pieces is your strong cue
Wrest victory from the jaws of those with shorn claws
Rest bickering come to grips with hems and haws

Emerge from the woods with signs of training lapse
All that action on belts dumped onto tour laps
The first purist wins the purse on this occasion
Yet the race is not done even for some on vacation

Set in motion across a vastness of sink or swim
Place yourself in a grim fate as events roll in
Power couple yourself with that energetic generous pen
Stand time's test then steal away for the best to begin


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SuperBowl Woodstock

Aloha Poets,
Photo of how I looked watching The Who at Woodstock in 1969 and how I looked watching The Who at the 2010 Super Bowl. The best commercial occurred on the field at halftime.

After the longest televised sound check in history (complete with laser show), viewers are enticed to purchase copies of "Woodstock" to see what The Who can really do.

It seems they need to be barraged by rain, mud, darkness, a 4 a.m. curtain call, possible electrocution, revolutionaries grabbing their microphone, and the threat of no pay to put on a good show.

A Famed Festival Aflame

Showing up with all you've got is paramount
With original planners accused of being not up to account
Purchasing power adjusts to its own sweet time
Those guys alone once carried the show on a dime

Who pioneers the spectacle of instrument destruction?
When did fame grow in the opposite direction?
Who are you to bring your famed sound to its knees
Stuck in its own downed traffic and tied up in trees

Super group's blooper was, as super is
Stooping to stupor us to make that Woodstock fizz
Rest assured you rest a starter you lose the edge
Greater numbers than earlier thought there to hedge

Some things change as others stay the same
Like that large crowd who came for the game
Influx of those large muddy roads and fields
Amid the bad weather, sanitation with no shields

Most watched of any kind in the history of TV
Field of play starkly hostile to the peaceful free
Aggression's hostile victory trumps peace and love
Possibilities of disaster never realized in the face of dove

A new energy surrounds them with so much lights and flash
A slower rendition allows them to just take the cash
The lack of violence marks its signature icon
Missed the best festival of all 1969 with all eyes on

Hippies music townspeople and war
Mass gatherings of the like are no more
Cash in on notoriety mistake the concert for a sound check
Moment that changed the history, well what the heck

Laser light to entertain the world's greatest rock band
First responder caught off guard by brain drains in the sand
Witness a laser light show accompanied by the who?
Thunder a situational blunder, then into the Hall of Fame with you

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Island to Island for Haiti

Aloha Poets,
Photo of the site of the Island to Island for Haiti fundraiser this Friday at the Hilton hawaiian Village. Enjoy!
A writer's hint: Your rendition is a little chat between your memory of an event and your imagination. Rendered on a page, the meaning of your images becomes "story."

In Story We Sing

The perfect symbol of rhyme casts me as it wishes
But only in the short time it takes us to do the dishes
Make me a quick believer or just forget about it
And on our little journey don't ask, "Are we there yet?"

That little picture presented is just a ball of putty
Stretching and pulling some makes it a little nutty
"Almost" comes close to "exactly" in point of fact
As quintessential hybrids line up as anointed tract

Get into face, places everyone who dreams
Novelty novelists, once a go it seems
As fuzzy and foggy details come and go
The passion that you see must simmer and glow

Of course those talking points aren't really true
The dialogue was made up so it would flow smooth
You had it going on and then again some
Honest emotion's more than just chewing gum

Feed off that fury make it more than a peep
Or barely enough barley for a gruff old barkeep
A natural order all dusty settles in to bring
The honestly believable in story to sing

Sure stone-faced slugfests may have their way
On accidental draw bridges as you try to cross the bay
Reshape the way it was and jostle for space
Look the fool then risk it all it's written on your face

What someone had said appears later on
Shout yourself out race into the song
The future of yourself lies there on the page
Something of an uptick, a childhood favorite rage

A certain little distance keeps your thoughts at bay
When hostile environments beckon, jump into the fray
Seams of destiny threaded careful and true
Seems destined to carry gingerly stars stare at you

Flip through that thing and refresh your mind
How did that go or get known once upon a time
As intrigue fragments into riddles and a rhyme
Life's a full parade of faces softened by time


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Island to Island for Haiti

Aloha Poets,
This is the site of Island to Island for Haiti at Hilton Hawaiian Village. Enjoy1

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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Aloha Poets,
Flamingo inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Spin Barn Swallow Nation

Let's put it mildly or maybe the lack there of
Singular message focused and direct from above
Goodwill arrives amidst the flow of such things
To pay tribute to try to pivot new meanings of sting

Who out there really needs to know all this stuff
Slamming on the brakes to a slam dunked huff puff
Hybrid messages hide behind well bred tactic
Work a map to find your way out of didactic

Proud announcement offers an ounce of newer joys
Rejoicing in the mandated ritual of skewed voice
Bring in the luck of the draw by strength of four years
Buck a trend try to extend the length of your spears

Spin out to welcome the beautiful and quaint
Gathered and tethered in shiny new coats of paint
A full moon brings the red tide of disappearing ink
Pencil in a spin that ekes out a sink hole of stink

Fail as promised on condition of anonymity
Proud and happy covers the bases and a city
Stand before one and all to issue a thumbs up
Answer the call before you have to listen to a lost pup

Domestic messiah shining to ink the plan
Alleviations of long suffering link hand in hand
Be pleased to announce you will join in consolidation
After a little spin across this barn swallow nation

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jungle Flower

Aloha Poets,
Jungle flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Hawaii Photo Poetry

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The Catcher in the Palms

Aloha Poets,
A photo of the site in Hawaii where John Lennon's killer worked as a night security guard in late 1980.

Vitriolic Spigot

Here lies the perfect example that nobody's perfect
Resultant motion unwholeheartedly chirps a burpfest
The art of fanning infantile flames a story's digest
At the heart of planning the mercantile chores we detest

Down at the dock a song boat of yore remains
Plot points to the craft left to weather in the rains
A mind trip of flurry catches its balancing act
So blind the slip, a furry cat's dallying pact

Hit the racks with stories of red carpet on sands
Where Lost folks meet for the last time to shake hands
Ask that man or yourself, "Hey what did I step into?"
The pain at hand is to find the pane of your own little window

Is lexicon and milieu really what story is all about?
Take a Leprechaun and fill you with scream and shout?
A reader to feel a new rush of noise, a wind in the pile
Explore a clue with a few bangs that beg a smile

Give the people another way of staying true with you
Oceanfront footage underlines the blue in the view
The notion of frontage in montage defined anew
Merge in ceremony flash a grin that says, "I knew"

Parcels out there you can find with a water well
The freedom of bittersweet throws your hands to say, "Oh well"
Sure all those folks they know you're a good guy
Yet subsistent sustains prejudice with jaundiced eye

Can those stains of fate rely on total bliss?
And dismiss what is this, his destiny that is?
Think not thoughts of that distant loss of song
Linked hearts let you say what you knew all along