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Rozzy the Cat

Aloha Poets,
Rozzy the cat inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

The Perishable Publishable Parable

Heartless initiation recaptures meaning in time
With bright side's rough edge lit in lime
A great deal of latitude is where global wisdom hangs out
Writings are heeded to father further hideouts

Orderly peace, a bottom feeder to become
Fresh phrases no bunk bring on the yum-yum
The rub as I see it smoothes a wispy shrill
Never fitting the receive, try as it will

News worthy reports offer meager message
Just who is it now do they try to impress
Along about now life scripts a final an end
Intensifying the mystery question marks won't rescind

Marksman shoots twice at a cache of new tales
In growing concern for turtles and whales
However loudly rapped in google gooey goodness
Wagging tales of joy wraps your rose colored goddess

In a perfect example that nobody's perfect
A power search for weakness needs somebody's pretext
Can double tracks of tiger be a good sign?
Where rankled survivors slowly straggle behind

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Darth Vader Pollination

Aloha Poets,
Darth Vader pollination inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Dumbo Octopus

How to decide your spirit of movement
Three-alarm looks, what motor grooves meant
Waters of the lonely in sunken period pieces rule
Deeper depths slice into a steeper blue

As painstaking Pakistan packs a big stake
Paces of life down here gets a little break
Where shallow rift valleys shadow the deep
Dumbo octopus looms in her sleepy creep

Loquacious licorice battling beach bards
Pricy sandy beaches, the whole nine yards
Thought long dead short lister floats deeply reminded
Swimming smooth as custard, creme pie blinded

Cool as spicy mustard she's no country cow bouncer
Where funnel clouds and funnel cakes gather at lunch counter
Down here there is no come home ashore
Simply flap a fin, come along, swim a little more

Decadent drizzle cements into soft serve
Time passes, indignant feelings die in reserve
At the ready they gun it, then pass by your way
Crossing those borders deep ocean rules sway

Work the middle to peddle from parting shot boos
Faun over the fond ones you yearn to chose
The want is to be heard not hurtled abroad
Not tossed into a circle of turtle and pod

Canola jacuzzi deep fried abounds
Stamp your own ticket from far away fairgrounds
Likened to the fact of so lightened and flat
Playful and thoughtful deep floaters like that

Hawaii Photo Poems

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Point of Embarkment

Aloha Poets,
Point of embarkment inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

A Windswept Minstrel's Fiery Edifier

Such a small gift you wish to dish into your hand
Key to the avail of a child, a woman, or a man
A great token of simply a broken little cage
The little one where you as a little one learned your rage

Special little worlds sing and swing into the swirl
Agree to face this slinky race as a boy or a girl
The first achievement's decree went dark in that basement
Thirsty bereavement's agreement embarks from encasement

That kind of energy calls out from behind its blind
Shoving off ivory towers with the speed of your mind
Whether a great reader or snake bleeder concoctions abound
Say it succinctly, put your clean ear to that dirty ground

Unknowns creak and sway in the darkness of day
That group over there fills you with the stillness of a stare
Someone gave you a voice believing you to be their only choice
People may speak to give counter expectations another voice

Skeptic tanks you think a telling indicator up ahead blinks
As out there on the edge they play dodgeball with what stinks
Knotty to the core message of mystery at the door
Naughty uneasy chore claims no guru of history lore

Let's make progress let's get busy where trip wires befall
Work it out outside that workhorse court's tether ball
Get a little dizzy with the need of another human side
Central casting calls to a place where arrogances collide

Test your ally in the alley bring friends along
Be on the bright side ready to write that very song
Excruciate your flirt to fight that very wrong
Avert squirts, outbursts, and blurts, jump to where you belong

Nice place you live that beach across the isle
Bee hive sieve across the water now across the aisle
Denizen of intrigue crazy stupid once more
Out of your league something funny knocks at your door

Character under pressure where recognition scants
Revealed to be the cooker with a chance of no more chants
Out on the road again you let your tigers whirl
You wonder where it is you've been in the work-a-day world

Just to pass the time and the seed a test to pass
To satisfy a need you easily run out of gas
At last there at the edge with one more hedged bet
Haven't you the object of the quest to which you object yet?

Sanctums loom where you seek a strange dinner
Swept with a broom those cravings most inner
Cooperations in selfish corporations they stir in a stew
The wild side of you pleads to get a better view

This brink of another link leads to another world
Brush up against that brush of wispy bends twirled
Have in hand the little magic cup to cure that land they bought
Yes they thought they were so smart or so they thought

Settle a conflict leads me to council where victims abound
The belly of reconciliation never bears a victim's crown
Forces disturbed are left behind like no other
Chase the passionate verve to remember mother

The dominion of dead colors with golden bold
Behind you now what lies ahead hopeful truth be told
Once for a time lie dead where moments of truth cement
Insights so binding a surprise finding that's what I meant

A greater respect like no other finally found
One for another truth serum DNA bound
The fear in your heart was never hidden in deep sleep
In your hands at the start, not where dark rain forests creep

The return felt so heavy can it really have been true?
With bigger loads to bevy are you really me, am I you?
From sailing seas across oceans comes this little potion
To give unto you universal love and devotion

Maybe not needed now yet today we vetted
Evils yet to come somehow still with humanity wedded
Of what use is this, or some will say
The windswept minstrel will use it someday

Tropical Photo Poetry

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Sea Change

Aloha Poets,
Sea change inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

One Truck Pony

Played the populist card, that's no Texas Hold 'em
You made the list so pardon if they fold 'em
A little louder message joins in from off the bay
From barebones to jello, ideologues had their say

Snarling traffic out there is no sleeping dog
Gone is the day of that fidgety ground hog
Tell me again what we all now know
That was no straw man out there in the snow

Disaffection comes in many shapes and sizes
From bombshells to shake-ups as America reprises
Amidst disaster impact you still showed your sexy percent
Those fictional selves en masse migrate to dissent

Float the idea as anger goes free floating
Somewhere to fly beyond a Boston Bay of boating
That's no cat goddess on the stage next to you
Singled out your play in a state once so blue

The going was surely a dicey proposition
Being too sure of oneself a pricey disposition
Tentacles in every corner are nice reminders
As bunkered-in blunders grew incumbent blinders

Couple more times was all it took
A cerebral wonder that went by the book
Hardly a purist but no ideologue
Unpickling personality through a hazy thick fog

With a private side not so widely known
Aftermath of after thoughts now fully blown
Studio studies only can go so far
Old trucks can pick up on any old car

Elite air can be a little stuffy up there
Circumstantial creed a big furry bear
Morphing ideologue a fat night for a lecture
Still nuance of "but" gives a crispier picture

Theory story ahead yet to be great
Pragmatic pushes the people of Bay State
That's no pony tromping around in the muck
Leave no put-down tracks on that pick-up truck

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Rising Horizons

Aloha Poets;
Rising horizons inspire today's poem. Enjoy!


Bring two together
Do it if you can
Be happily at work
Not hardly happily man
Conformity and productivity
Brings all the big wood
Individuality sings
In its small neighborhood

Try as you might
From understudy to star
Put two together
Start where you are
Take a little notice
Those standards of lockstep
Get a little worried
Jump off the back step

Monday rolls around
Comes up with a way
Unpredictably messy
Fights up the day
As wrongheaded folks
Head out without a song
Rustic dishes its culture
Innovation hums along

New approach brings you up
To the light of fate
Even as early and often
Slips and slithers of late
New story at the ready
The preen of self dependence
Though rough at the throttle
Brace for classic ascendance

Trust what you see
Your perspective again of late
Boomer with a good grasp
Leaning out of the gate
A little more glamorous
With odds troubling long
Turns corners onto something
A new kind of song

Come-on kinds of folly
Those high roller's prayers
Bluff a very large nobody
And are no giant slayers
For all here in attendance
From gravy to graveyard
For its classic ascendance
Individuality plays hard

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Hawaii Photo Poems

Going Green

Aloha Poets,
Going green inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Glass at the Bottomless

Strange bedfellows beckon distant haze
Sleepy little village once where simpler animals graze
As deforestation lumbers down the runway of strife
The world as we knew it is held at gunpoint and knife

In this vibrant life we dwell mindful safe and secure
We scan possibilities of getting back to pure
Earthquake Haiti over the wire coming in
Where have you gone my little friend Gunga Din

No smaller or more intimate tale was ever told
No tighter security as a world gathers bold
As pocketbooks loosen minds emerge from shallow ebbs
Port-au-Prince sinks into deeper darker depths

Compassionate folks find ways to give from the heart
As compassion of greed finds a foothold, gets a start
7.0 magnitude were the beginning quakes
Now a compassionate greed money tree shakes

Fraudulent fixtures eyes horizons yet to come
Pronunciation blissful officials play dumb
Is our larger existence dormant for all of history?
Or can we evoke another vibe for future's humanity

Is this the stuff dreams are made or blockbuster bombast
Are we built of legend the kind of legacy that can't last
There's glass at the bottomless where shards convey
Safety shows its face and finds its own way

To heighten our history now becomes the worthy cause
The new nether zone is a place to find pause
Crafting the lovely, twists and turns spin the need
Rising on the horizon the new compassion of greed

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Hawaii Photo Poetry


Aloha Poets,
Wingspan inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Bottlenecks and Rattlesnakes

Spun at the speed of vision tell me what you saw
Fires of communication camping outside in the thaw
Information break it down for us to understand
Find out about a little more of something that got out of hand

Men with machetes men with knives
Prowling the wailing walls where shots were heard in fives
In these troubled times information can gorge the soul
Marauders at night foraging forges to dig a bigger hole

Cover something after hours that's not easy or nice
If something odd happens, writer tell it twice
Quick thinking fast action were our regimented predecessors
Predates predatory professing of unprepared processors

Deadline deals unnerve in cracks that take it on the back
Wire story puts to page to illustrate the mindless attack
Newspaper naysayers wearing desktop beanies
Now shore up the welcoming of worldly word weenies

Quest to be compelling and partly relevant
Fight the changes with a good writing repellant
Does change have to do with the scope of the times?
Honest debate now let readers make up their minds

Catastrophe in the realm of humanity never minded
Writing for the reader who prefers to stay blinded
We control within the realm of our own dominion
Continual opening of the doors or just another day of opinion

Advocate of the heart is really no neuroscience
Exercise a just little personal reliance
Flurry of information may not be all that it seems
In the meantime waves across maritime drown out the screams

Catch a flow of information that is handing down trouble
Can the best ideas melt from a giant terrible bubble?
The weight consequence of a significant story passed along
Engages citizens in a generation of song

Conversation debate viewpoint and dialogue
Do we really see ourselves as brand new ideologue?
Watchdogs out to help make our informed decision
Story can have no spin with a just writer's precision

Compelling and well-ordered fashions tout
We'll just stop writing when the thoughts run out
My gabardine drenched in grenadine had no buffering
Write it to relieve compassionate greeds of suffering

Restore hope and dignity to the world's most vulnerable
Time money and blood Red Cross holds so tenable
With nothing left and nowhere for people to turn
In a writer's rare cocktail of hope is where despair can burn

Stand up a team jack in another shot of passion
Report it and communicate it in a timely fashion
Knowledge does have some bearing on human condition
It's worth the babble to appropriate a message's presentable rendition

People must become aware of every fact relevant to existence
A person will know what is the right thing to do with persistence
The right thing is a good thing and doing good things can make happy
Know yourself, develop talents wish others to be free of their own sappy

Use language to portray ideas and images
Collect and disseminate reality mirages
Try the soul of the writer for an objective report
Photograph a piece of time in space heartstrings can't retort

To write just a report turns into an act of cement
Deer in the headlights a transient lack of motor skill comment
New images of the scattered entrails Haiti infrastructure renders
Readers writers a deer in the headlight watchdog bent fenders

Pull back screens look behind the facade, under rocks
Rescue workers and the Journalists in back to back talks
Writer-rescue worker more in common than one may at first think
Rescued from the rubble of misinformation and whatever stink

Boost the morale of workers so sooty
Donate a fire truck be a little snooty
Make your writing gleam break every seam
Get to the crux of it send out a fresh stream

Stupid reigns supreme or so sometimes it seems
Virtually impossible to turn away from humanity's dreams
Connections and gadgets in a real and digital world
Drop what we are doing to offer help to give a whirl

With acts of kindness amidst natural disasters one to another
Realms of humanity and affairs of the heart, we are the other
If we turn our backs on this, we turn our backs funny
Red Cross only asking for a small blood, time, or money

Jolts still bringing on a transient lack of motor skills.
Luxurious deer-in-the-headlights mode for some still thrills
In small acts of kindness we give to one another
In affairs of the heart, we are simply the other

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Tree Creature

Aloha Poets,
Tree creature inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Mount the Podium

Optimists sigh a dreamy glaze
Is this a set-up? count the ways
Contact finalizes in fields of doubt
Once again coming in, the call goes out

This time the heavens sent a different sign
In the form of some sudden snakebitten rhyme
Shake your mind's old bruising, suspend a sparkle
If anything arouses you this beautiful dark will

Family and faith home and hearth
Heartwarming words destiny of birth
Winning point looks like just a big marshmallow
Faster comes the distance, and harder pills to swallow

Stage a duel paint it color fast
Tempo it up surely that pain can't last
Get what you wanted, call it destiny
Fall a little short, blame a little misery

Cut across trails now steal back to your home
Leave dominance behind for another day's tome
Ride the wind back with fleet of feather
Once home with friends mount the podium together

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Winky Face

Aloha Poets,
Winky face inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

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Swamp Flower

Aloha Poets,
Swamp flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Make It Cook

Purse your lips toss a coin in the well
Earn your love from those you know well
Checkpoints and curfews approach in the night
Something's out there ready for the fight

Sent out for some allegiance mission
Independently bound pledged to listen
Jockeying the fortress of being to blame
Spreading shivers around your flame

Pointing toward the anniversary
Of roping all the world's adversity
Across the bow shoots cooperative assets
One-off situational operative jet set

Monitored and mirrored goes by the book
Measures with a collated parsing look
A feel good meanings lets you off the hook
To play something you like, and make it cook

Shaggy Flower

Aloha Poets,
Shaggy flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

The Permanent Wild

Homegrown rebellions abound abroad
Even in lawless rugged dug-up sod
Overstayed welcomes are sure to be
A surefire loss of territory

Sow the seeds of trying to be more than blunt
Shortbread shortage grows on the home front
Larger regional structures arise full blown
Still water shortage blows up seeds sown

Dropped agendas defenses down
Rugged tribal area of concern newly found
Archival arch-rival's arrival is soon
Be cautious and advisory the coming monsoon

Now with fighting hearts and a heavy hand
Can ever we run out of love for the land?
And have a sanctuary for our child's child?
Surefire is the way for a permanent wild

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Flash Fiction

Arrowhead Road the novel

The opening days of the great prairie land sensed a new focus, but not the transcendence many would come to expect in this wide open place. A train of wagons would evoke a memory for years to come, and there would be no redemption for the prairie Indians' life of perfection, Not today, not ever.

Feather jumped up on her pony and road along the ridge, her grass-stained leather flowing in the wind, to view the coming wagons. A clutch of buffalo caught sight of her and let loose a wild silence of disinterest. Feather imagined this quiet solitude as the sound of her young life.

The buffalo wars were about to be over, thanks to a high flying culture just on the horizon.

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