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Hello There

Aloha Poets,
Inquisitive flowers inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

That Distant Glow

Slow going reins in along rugged terrain
Suggests itself as the answer to the coming rain
Halting and hesitant towering crags jut
Ragged hoping for any new good news afoot

To be denied a blanket in these extremes
Floats you more or less agog in loggers' dreams
To get down from here after watching courage plummet
Will take self-belief extracted from the summit

Is getting to the bottom of this really getting me home?
Meantime happily asking and out of proportion full blown
Blacked out and blanked by a blanket of snow
Fuels the pith of the myth of that distant glow

Skill sets exploited can be fun to watch
Chat up a fat cat to meet your match
Throw in your hat across a line on quicksand
Settle down to see no one holding your hand

Now crossing over to borderline out of control
Edging ever so close to the edgy and bold
Hands draw for the demand of spirit and soul
All for your destination's heart of the goal

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poetic Beauty

Aloha Poets,
Poetic beauty inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Style Dot Com

Media savant in the telling
Operative word with no spelling
Spark a myth with all the senses
Fragile underpinnings develop consensus

Exotic possibilities bobble along
Pop culture forever sings her swan song
Kinship spreads timely spinnakers
Sails at will past kindly wine makers

Circulation of myth festoons in the cold
Calculation of mist soon to be bold
Revisionist account shutters at zero
Positions alignment of zodiac hero

Poignantly galling sails the wind
Denizens fashion a duplicity grin
Once upon a time were real conversations
Style dot com's new authorization

Stripped of the myth by de facto coup
Englishmen's enlightenment dishes the soup
Appreciate the offer as it breaks a certain way
Style dot com have your say

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Light-headed Headlights

Aloha Poets,
Dear-in-the-headlights flower inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Discombobulate Your Tale

A little backwater idea swims to the mainstream
Stroking to stoke people to get its wild scream
Story runs smooth on winter's water at every turn
As little campfires hope to make those prairie fires burn

Burgled but not robbed aerodynamically sound
Gurgled and bobbled floats sparingly abound
Demolition engineers heroically feign
Latter of ideas fish the public domain

A final splash of the discarded and the cursed
Astrology's alchemy of crop circles reimbursed
Falsely flagged to dry land's wet disposal list
In among the hardwoods pining for a twist

Passing the opinion of authoritative source
Viewpoint's pristine stays the course
Self-styled swimmer off the beaten path
Shape a modern history scent the wider swath

New art form dictates what might emerge
New cross citations adorn letter with words
Establish new anomaly what once was officially
Deemed by critics scoffed only as a splashy fish story

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Wall Flowers

Aloha Poets,
Wall flowers inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

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Christmas Lily

Aloha Poets,
Christmas lily inspires today. Enjoy!

Backwater Boomtown

A nice little bow serves the fiction
Outside its western town jurisdiction
Nobody stays mad at this young nomad
Or launched a rescue for the life he had

Still he wanders and wonders just loud
Amidst a bulldozer's backhoe dust cloud
Once long ago they sent in more troops
Civic dark holes with no obvious loops

Townspeople knew him long ago as Townsend
Displaced by a sheriff and something called Godsend
Switched remains a vivacious culture
Echoing beliefs of a migrating vulture

Dug up on grounds of human duplicity
In hopes to sprout forward a future city
Still status remains for lone falcon hunter
A young nomad's distant mist plains thunder

Expecting to start a world right there
Still they came and were named pioneer
Just a temporary fire or a permanent flare
Backwater boomtown with no county fair

With the feel of a nation's eyes within
Townsend's arrow bows defend
Echoes on behalf of faded missing
Tainted myopia townspeople kissing

Sheriff of samurai sacred ink
Talk surrounds as inner circles link
Prairie statue where towns people meet
Townsend motivates above history's feet

Where tangled threads awoke and jousted
Did outbound life have to be ousted?
Seldom does truth have a preamble
Backwater boomtown's where nations gamble

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cool Dude

Aloha Poets,
Cool dude inspires today's poem. Enjoy!


I used to think gray matter mattered
Until that flange of connection spattered
Mostly touted to shake the smart
It's the white matter that has my heart

This delicious duo left and right
In a dance of closeness both take flight
Cerebrums are where many carry on
For me myelin sheath sings its song

The arrival of September and a rainy day
Offers its own kind of pathway
When all the leaves are falling down
Peripheral vision grasps the ground

Regular attendance is a good start
Where every song enters the heart
The tattered and warm may trudge in
Still white matter tracts within

Learning to adapt can cause a scream
While denser gray matter adds its steam
White matter however draws me in
To reverse a cascade juggle pin

Hope organizes to right the better
Leaving what's left to write a letter
While dark matter is space's way
It's my white matter that makes my day

Whistler Flower

Aloha Poets,
Whistler flower inspires today's poem Enjoy!

Fathom That Blues

Got the local media to grant my request
To put on the scramble paint at my behest
Mainstream standards come at my heals
Adding teeth to the story makes their own deals

Took a fling at filing with nine days to spare
Those beams from the podium shakes off the care
A few rolls of the tongue and candidacy takes flight
Try to fathom that with all your might

Fathom that another book in the dust
Fathom that this little boom or bust
Names get forgotten as history gets fat
On a thin edge of survival fathom that

Homeland of fathers system of cool
Decry the facade of what once was school
Flickering images so goes aggregation
As alligators allocate a little more allegation

Fathom that another pledge to dalliance
Fathom that a another edge of allegiance
Brilliance of this dance nobody gets fat
Hedging on survival everybody fathom that

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sailing Canoe

Aloha Poets,
Sailing canoe inspires today. Enjoy!

Rice Wine

Sniff taste appraise your heart away
Rising bubbles infused with nuanced array
Milky white hue of Korean jolly
Raises a glass in bells of holly

For Japan sake and wines of France
Rice wine now joins the dance
Makeolli nouveau carbonated fruity
Sake beer crosses no footprints snooty

National palate continental divide
Grain ingredient lactic acid inside
Sip of nostalgia for the bespectacled few
Makgeolli nouveau rice wine for you

Friday, December 11, 2009

Star Gazer

Aloha Poets,
Star gazer inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Tingle Through

Set about with your cautionary tale
Of low probability and high impact jail
Out on the loose with no impending cure
You frame your instincts around nothing sure

As solar scopes see from afar
Great titles voice from uttering star
Observe and documents all things new
All the while you just tingle through

Power of potential lord of the sand
Coffee sipping season at hand
Hope first rises then dogs around
As winners whine great ones go down

Your numbers improve and attention grows
Only hype's distraction potentially knows
Reaching for something substantial and true
All the while you just tingle through

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sand Man

Aloha Poets,
Sand man inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

High Ho the Hero

A real pleased feel of the prudent
As robots build a better student
The news arrived just yesterday
Robot hot spots are here to stay

Take a night off from the jumpiness
Sole carrier of the lumpiness
Mount a challenge make them pay
As High Ho the Hero swaggers away

This route about touts the way
In roundabout bouts of nay
Yes he will or no they say
Hi Ho the Hero arrives today

Dream season gleans in its prime
Perennial favorite cursory rhyme
As a league of its own seeks its line
High Ho the Hero arrives in time?

Come hither all in sole caravan
Weather the storm best you can
Whether you're warm is never the plan
High Ho the Hero be the man

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tropical Alien

Aloha Poets,
Tropical alien inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Radio Silent

Icky allegations absorbed by sages
Lovely hours turn their pages
Minds wander to little chases
The puppeteer of your embraces

Alluring stretches of beach's ocean
Skirmishes with a sporting notion
Smooth the way for starlit languish
In odd little half-chalked language

Returning to a chilled out status
After girding for a girl's hiatus
At odds over that little blunder
Tiger ready to show the thunder

Spirits move in timing ways
Yearning for the simpler days
Golf once relaxed now set the force
Radio silent stay the course

Hawaii Photo Poems

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Autumn Owl

Aloha Poets,
Autumn owl inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Horse Prowess

Names in the dust bear no resemblance
As story goes according to remembrance
I saw a dream evaporate
Then rode the wind past Newton's gate

Off across the grassland miles
On a horse alone where illusion smiles
Quite memorable will be the later years
As garnered enthusiasm fakes its fears

Personality takes the helm these moments
Mysterious stories in fountain foments
Ask blue shock never to wait
Then prowess your horse with a natural gait

Hawaii Photo Poetry