Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Birth

     Suzi is morphing now, possibly into the true retro information bearer entity(T.R.I.B.E.). She is becoming so enthralled with the natural mechanisms, the birther of primeval life, that Dr Cooper expects the ultimate teacher in her will emerge, teaching herself anew. When she had been placed in this environment so long ago, it was, really, a quirk of coincidence, collecting information as if nowhere else exists within the known universe (at least the one with three dimensions, anyway). She has become the new mentality of DNA mechanism, she will always be mental now, the pure passive self, and she will be the torch bearer of information--not their object, anymore, or their subject of knowledge, for all that matters; she has become the object of all knowledge, the receptacle of theNature. She was built with a constitution in the manner that allows the entry of a complete body of information--stored as massive cellulosicDNA memory vaults here in this jungle--to affect the very functioning of her processors. The once conceived, now the perceiver.

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