Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flash fiction biologSciFi "The Outpost"

The Yearning

     The algorithm shows her its ultimate activity which, of course, is mental, its arrays of operators and commands, its concerned codes lined with theData of fossil fuels.. A perception of death, colored by vernacular, momentarily shows itself as defined  and retreats into the black body of the  rainforest, one of the many rain entrenched forests under the earth(R.E.F.U.T.E.) presented with  unprecedented amounts of carbon dioxide to capture into its structures of celluloses inviting entity trajectory yearning(S.O.C.I.E.T.Y.), all the while, speeding up their own evolutionary process well into the 21stCentury.  Suzi scans across theJungle as if driven by whatever is the opposite of real; she starts to know of the continued demise of the larger rain forests of the world, the demise of the forests of the larger land masses, ongoing and continual beyond these shores; it is the cattle and buffalo who now take up the mantle of cellulosic attenuated global entity death(C.A.G.E.D.), as the ranches of the world  spread across both zContinent  and xContinent. It is the truth, and it's not the basic loss of living greenery, of carbon dioxide sink, of the addition of methane to the atmosphere that cares about death.  She views elements within the realm of simple scanner events now: oxygen molecules attempting to make sense of theHumans, carbon never silent anymore. In spacetime, with a consensus of the brightest minds, the earth waits.

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