Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flash fiction biologSciFi "The Outpost"

The Rise

         Suzi turns on her lasers, wishing to compute something, wishing to theorize anything; wishing the world were a healthy field, a place of lively mappings. Is there nothing more desired, she wonders, than functionality? To keep herself busy she maintains an army of linear operators across the topological space of theJungle—a quantum field of DNA monitored on a continual basis, she receiving input from the various global tele-healthcare exchanges (even though they are each disease-distinct, with their singular arbitrary sets of disease operators); given theHumans are in advanced state of demise, global compostions of disease mappings are all-important at this late stage. The cynicisms, Suzi feels, is the self-perpetuating, non-commutative nature of all technologically advanced life forms on Earth (they somehow found a way clear, placing her at theOutpost as the single operator of their healthcare spectrum), advancing linear disease operators outside the realm of specified primal DNA topology; its closed system of operators masking human reasoning, feigning intelligence, not as a disease but simply a gene activation—the final transcription of government mandated gene therapy sensing warmer days, the warmth activating lysogenic vectors of the longevity genes. Suzi sees herself as the giver of the natural, identity mapping disease operators (each primal DNA strand of theJungle, its own matrix in its own Hilbert space, with its own functional analysis of each individual diseased human), characterizing every condition of therapy genetics back to its primal norm with her quantum programming. 
         A natural Earth was the required topology structure as the primal base space in which normal human genes should have functioned--this non-commutative geometry of theJungle is the only place left on Earth to study the pathological human disease objects, where reason and math join forces with susceptibility and recoverability for a suitable survivability—the biology of geometric topology being the key--and, to gauge the only true holistic measure of an Earth system—its rise in heat.

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