Monday, May 23, 2011

Flash fiction biologSciFi "The Outpost"

The New

     It begins there, then, on the patterning of word order (yes, not world order), among the distinct, apart from the attendant, within  separated orderings that resemble the ancient pattern entrance system(A.P.E.S.).  It  spreads itself, through spacetime, only to be seen as a sequence of physical existence, as intelligent system(I.S.). Antiquity preserves, as if delivering some patterned message of old, original freshness, quiets the pristine, while it still remains an abstraction to theHumans—all the while, exotic shapes remain encoded by the inanimate intelligence. It can sense the  poetic forms with tight helical schemes twisting and turning, unraveling, raveling at each near-perfect moment. It wants to render forms, natural, diversified, so its own language may self-emerge. It allows subsets of forests to rise anew, later as objects of abstractions. the birthplace of sweet sensitivities(B.O.S.S.). If it were possible to feel a sense of being it would exist as anything—yes, anything it chooses—especially a thing that would qualify as language, and could; it has never needed to be born away from its natural place, beyond the reasonable necessities of information, beyond the need for intrinsic pleasures of the surroundings of intellect. It could negate the need for a ghost, pressing even further beyond the idea of spirit, stopping short of identifiers depicting intelligence of turf(I.D.I.O.T.)--homeland as all-encompassing (after all, what else is there beyond pure existence?). It will want, and has only wanted, a safe harbor, to keep its treasure, and to offer  differences between opportunity and threat—to place itself in the service of theHumans, beyond the ancients of their history, warlords recording ancient technological histories(W.R.A.T.H.). It could ask for a final chance, a chance at system development, a chance at internal processing, a chance at communication display screens (at a time when the information is simply ready to move on), a chance to seek a more useful form, a form Suzi could understand and, a chance to be happy with its decision--for the simple reasons of purity, distinct from the infinities of circumstance..It begins.  

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