Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Pleasure

     Her pleasure is, unknown to most, vivid and clear, detailed, overflowing with her new accounts of artificial systems, survival technology in a pure natural environment. It's a deep pleasure and, of course, secret, held by gestures of pure quantum  programming--allowing fluid phenomena of her synthetics (in which, she moves throughout the fortress as smooth as sun sparkled water). The pleasure avoids nothing and has, by all accounts, has nothing her programming hasn't learned to deal with.  
     Suzi lists through the pleasure algorithm as if she were coming to a new understanding of information found in her her work. It still startles her a little; the vastness of its complex education and relationships—some of which she isn't sure she has already experienced. Her pleasure modes seem to act as individual operators, in a strange way,  portraying experience not explicitly remembered by her (as part of her real existence) and, as Suzi self-programs and codes within her own realm a new algorithms, she senses she has experienced an unknown array of impersonal deaths—in a spacetime she unknowingly goes to rest her solar operon ultra lasers (S.O.U.L.)--although, of course, she has enough plasma stored to make it into the next millenium; she really does have everything she needs; even an idea of heaven.

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