Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Elite

It communicates with such a group of wide ranging, distinct, individual, object orientations that their most advanced intelligence perceived only bits and pieces of its message. It seems such a task to identify all the ways theHumans go about their daily lives in the name of social order. They enjoy the the amusement , the fun-to-watch syndrome (as intelligent creatures should)—they won't perceive danger, align importances. They love to coalesce, and are happy to gather together as a collection of elements into a clear defined object (once known as civilization or, population). It seems likely that they have simply ignored certain probabilities, the probability that there was a language to be found in theNature, a language of nature encodings(A.L.O.N.E.) that helps define who they are. It appears they have missed her elite language altogether, not even slightly noticed, there in the global villages, the places they each, as individuals, try to make sense of things: They have chosen to ignore what their computers now know. They have grown over the millenia as lone individual cerebral enticers(M.A.L.I.C.E.), such a vast amount of time taken (the last student searching sleepy-eyed for a final exam answer?), with individual method, daily practice, their peculiar way, and now they simply choose to ignore the simple fact that they have become individual elements, each a singular symbol on a billion letter alphabet or, one of the infinite complex numbers, collectively denoted by Suzi as the capital letter: Z. It seems that theNature has been communicating intelligence, her ideology, the patterns, eon after eon for the expressed defined purpose of ...what?  It keeps no statistical spreadsheet, no counted winners or losers (really, in the cosmic order of things, are there really winners or losers, really?)--just the data of what the next step is, what now needs to be done. It won't dwell on its own practices, its own method (what then, if there are no thoughts given to the  production and maintenance required for structured order?). It will press forward, taking care not to confuse intelligence puzzling with strategy, amusement with survival--mutterings into space as if someone or, some thing were actually there listening (the needed, worthy, listener all present-and-accounted-for to make the speaker more and more real), offering pleasure in reciprocation. No, this time it will want to have its way.

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