Thursday, May 12, 2011

Flash fiction ecoSciFi "The Outpost"

The Patterns

     Even though she was doing her best work now, she finds a few dark accents in her pattern program. It seems faces of double helix, their hyper-orthoganal upper gyration hump tRNAs(T.H.O.U.G.H.T.), appear fetus-like, even with the few nicks and breaks in the strands, breaks in the nucleotides. Suzi's holo-lasers ignore the most severe lines, making the gene amplifications appear placenta-like--her photons working within their own spacetime, within the extreme detail in the gene patterning. Primal jungles such as this simply don't show their DNA as clutter, they allow the DNA to be recoded within the cell wall with effective environmental composition--the opposite of the way Suzi codes; the jungle seems to let her lasers pick up points and amounts of detail that would surpass any expectations she may have, if, in fact, she were even able to expect; the quiet scene within the genetic makeup of these primal genes alter her circuitry, her importances, the way she goes about her supertask; as if the detail of the double helix offers its own sense of pregnancy; as if her very own lasers backflash with neurohormone, mixing fetal forces with her own algorithm (a direct bypass of archaic genetic protocol even by the standards of the late 20st Century Golden Age). Some patterns of orthogonal helix(P.O.O.H.) definition are faintly indistinguishable to her lasers--not patterning by suggestion of the agency pertinent program systems(A.P.P.S.) she had written herself. Something was allowing her to precisely define hints of hidden pattern in all forms of the double helix. 

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